Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well christmas came and went. The weekend before christmas I had Harrison over night for Carly which was lovely. Typically I didn't take any pictures! Joe has done really well with his boxing and ended up in the final of the Golden Gloves competion the final ended up being on his birthday as well, sadly he didn't win but he has done so well to get that far, we are very proud. I have added a photo taken of him at the gym and also one he has put on his MSN account which he thinks is cool.

Haven't done much knitting as I got a few books for christmas and two of them are the Diagnosis Murder books, for anyone who doesn't know they are based on the tv series featuring Dick Van Dyke, which I have a unhealthy obsession with! Anyway I love these books and once I start reading them I read them from start to finish and usually in one day. I have knitted another pair of mittens though and I am just starting the hat to match for Harrison, they are in Jaeger baby soft in a lovely Dark/royal Blue, very soft. I have finished the yellow scarf for Amber, but haven't touched the blanket or dress yet, have to admit I feel a new project coming on.
I am now starting to think about the new year and any changes I want to make, there could be some big ones coming, just need to decide where I want to go with my life. As the saying goes 'Watch this space'.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well I finally have some photos to show as usual I will just load them up and see where they appear. There are 3 works in progress, I finished item and some kiddie pictures thrown in for fun. I have also knitted two sets of mittens and two hats for Harrison, but Carly got them before I had a chance to take a picture, hopefully will get some of him wearing them soon.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I like this it makes me sound

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi Just wanted to say I am still alive. Just busy as ever. I have a couple of finished items to show and also a couple of newly started ones as well, hopefully I will get some photos done, I was going to take some now, but then I remembered that Darcey is asleep in her room and the finished items are hanging in her wardrobe and there is no way I am risking waking her up by going in there I need my Darcey sleep time!!

Things are plodding away here, I have been going back to church regularly again, which has been great, I went through a stage where I was really struggling , being the only Christian in my family, but I felt the urge to go back too strong and I am glad I did everybody was lovely and so welcoming and I have started going to a caregroup again which is really helping.

Carly is doing well, she has been a bit worried as Harrison hasn't been feeding as well as he should, but she it going to speak to her Health Visitor today, I wish I lived nearer or that I had more time to just go round and help, but that is the trouble with her having a lot of younger siblings, Nan is too busy being Mum!!
I might try and get there at the weekend though which will be lovely.

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick update as I hate not posting, hardly anybody reads my blog as it is I wouldn't want to risk losing any new reader's.LOL.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Doesn't this song just say it all.!!!
Music Video Codes By Music

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well I have had a really hectic and exciting couple of days , on Tuesday Carly went into labour and by 6 in the evening we went to the hospital and eventually at 25 past midnight Carly gave birth to a lovely baby boy, his name is Harrison and he weighed 8lb 40z. I took a couple of pictures but they aren't very good this is the best although I don't think Carly would be too happy about me using this one.
Then on wednesday I spent all day at The Science Museum in London with Amber for her school trip. Then today I picked up Carly and Dan from the hospital and took the three of them back to their place. So I am so tired and I haven't had a chance to do any knitting!!!
It will nice be for things to settle down a bit now, as I felt so stressed waiting for a phone call all the time to say she needed me to get up the hospital at least I can relax a bit.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

As I still have no batteries I thought I would post a nice picture of someone knitting instead.I love pictures like this they are so romantic and make me think about who was being painted and about their history.
It is Carly's due date today but at the present it looks like it could be a late baby.
I have received the Kokobino order and they are fantastic I can't wait to get started and take some photos, I also have some work in progress to show on the Smitten jacket, the Llamajama wool is knitting up in a very interesting pattern,not what I expected but nice all the same.
Not much going on round here you may have noticed I have slightly changed my blog just added some info about being a Christian, I haven't really said much about that part of my life on here but I have decided as it is such an important part of who I am I should mention it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here is a quick pick of my 4 girls. Carly only has a couple of days to go to baby's due date, so I am jumping everytime the phone rings.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Well I got a lovely parcel yesterday from, I chose the green and lavender and lavender on its own for the cardigan pattern I bought off The Garter belt designer Marie Grace Yarn Slayer. If you look on the site the pattern can also be bought from them. I can't take any pictures at the moment as we have no batteries.
I have also placed an order with another company they are called I read about them in the new Simply Knitting magazine I have placed an order for the pink dress and the A line Cardigan. I am a tiny bit concerned though as I placed the order wednesday and I received the original order email, but nothing since and the order hasn't been processed yet according to my account information on the website. Hopefully it will all be ok as it certainly wasn't a cheap purchase.
I have also knitted a little baby hat for Carly in Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK in pale blue, I think I may have already mentioned that , I am now trying to get a body warmer in Sirdar Foxy done for Jade as quick as poss she really wants to wear it and I really want to get on to using up some of my lovely new wool.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here are just a few pictures, I will hopefully give some more information about the purchases and what will happen to them at a later date. I really love the Cherry Tree Hill yarn, which is so so soft. The other two large piles of hanks are from Colinette. I bought 4 balls of the James Brett, and the two packs of ten were all half price so had to get them. I also have a book and a finished item to show off but haven't got time to post them yet, so here are a few, badly taken, pics.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Had a really fantastic day at Knit and Stitch at Alley Palley, I bought loads!!! I have yet to take pictures but don't worry they will be here soon. I decided to try and buy a few more expensive pure wool purchases which I did, I dread to think what I will do with real wool clothes for the kids and washing them !!!! That being said I have to conceed they are the softest most beautiful yarn I have ever held.
Another thing to come out of the day was I discovered my friend also has a yarn habit, and boy did she add to it, I always assumed that as this was a show knitters would go to everyone would have tons of stash, but they didn't people actually stopped and stared and I even found myself uttering the words 'it's not all mine.' Anyway I don't have a lot of time at the moment, so I shall leave things there but I will definately be showing some lovely yarn on here very soon.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time for a bit of a update, I am putting a picture of Darcey's little dress I finished, a picture of 3 books I ordered from Tesco Extra which came yesterday and a photo of Darcey, just because I think she looks cute, and finally a picture of my son Joe at his boxing club Joe is on the left in the front row with black top and red shorts, hubby took these to put on his new website which is I am still useless at placing my photos which is why I have told you which photos are which they could appear in any order!!!

I would just like to add that I can't wait until Sunday and ALLY PALLY, I am so excited, my poor friend who has agreed to come with me dosen't know what she is letting herself in for.
Other news is that Carly has a scan today as they think the baby may be breech, I hope it isn't but should know by this afternoon, what the situation is.
I think I may have mentioned I ordered a pattern from Garter belt, well I couldn't find a suitable subsitute yarn over here so I have contacted the compay who supplied the designers yarn they are called Lamajama, and they will sell to the UK the only trouble is it will cost me about £60 to £70 our money and I am not sure I can justify spending that kind of money, it is just so lovely though, plus I have to get through Sunday, and I will most likely spend a bit of money there!! Oh the dilema of it all.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well things are plodding along around here, I have finished the cotton dress from Simply Knitting and I am 90% happy with it. It has come up a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but that does tend to happen to me, and I have to confess I don't do a swatch I just assume that whatever I knit it will come out bigger than it should be!!
I did enjoy knitting with the cotton though it is so lovely and soft I will definately use it again.

I was going to take some pictures but it is a bit too dark now and Darcey is also in bed so I shall take some tomorrow of her wearing it. I have now started knitting a little hoody for Darcey I have almost finished the back.

This is just a brief update hopefully there will be more pictures tomorrow and more interesting stuff to read, not that many people seem to read anything I write, I sometimes wonder if it because I don't do sophisticated knitting like a lot of other people, I hope not, as I am still learning and I can't really afford really expensive yarns. I have to admit that I will quite often play it safe with my knitting, but I do enjoy it so I supose that counts for a lot.

I have just got a new pattern from The garter belt site, I had hoped to put a link in there but I can't find the address at present, it is a lovely autumn jacket for girls aged 2 to 12. I am really looking forward to knitting that one and I am going to think hard about what yarns to use, I may try to get something at Ally Pally later this month. That is a day out I am really looking forward to, a whole day away from the kids just pleasing myself, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Well at last I have some photos of two finished items. I have also thrown in a couple of pics of Joe and Darcey, actually you can also see the rougues gallery in the background of a few more family members. I am also going to get some pics of the kids wearing their knits soon. I have been so busy around here that I just haven't had time to get on the computer. I hope the pictures show the cardy and top off ok I am so useless with the camera I just aim and snap.

I am well on my way with the little dress from simply knitting, I haven't knitted with cotton like this before it is sirdar luxury and it is so soft and lovely. I also have two more tops to start that the girls picked out this morning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I don't really like posting without a photo, but as I don't have one available at the moment I will have to do just that. Had a busy day today, spent it with my eldest out buying baby stuff ready for her new arrival. It was actually a really nice day, just a bit manic.
On the knitting front I have almost finished the cardigan I started for Darcey, I have given up on the cotton one, it won't fit if I leave it and I just can't face 4ply at the minute, just too damn slow!!! I received the cotton I ordered to do the little dress in Simply Knitting, that will definately have to be started soon or she will be too big before I start. We are going to a family barbecue and I was hopeing to have something knitted for each of the younger ones to wear, I have the lilac cardigan for Amber and the tufty top for Jade, although I am not sure if that will be suitable for a september BBQ, I was hopeing to have the dress done for Darcey, the BBQ is on the 30th September so I could, in theory,have enough time to get it done.
Everyone is back at school now, so it is slightly less hectic during the day, so I maybe able to do some serious knitting, the thing is round here it is always dodgy to make plans as things have a nasty habit of changing dramatically at the last minute.LOL.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The first of the tribe went back to school today, it was Jade and it is her first day at Junior school, she is so looking forward to going. She loves school, always has done, she has wanted to go back since the holidays started.
I have finished her top and I am knitting a cardy for Darcey, I have also ordered some wool for a dress in simply knitting mag for Darcey. I also got a set of 4 Addi turbos off ebay at a good price. Life is good!!!
Actually that isn't totally true as I feel a bit down at the moment, this happens from time to time, I really miss my mum, I will be fine though once I get back into routine. Anyway I shall be going now and do some ironing.(Aren't I lucky).

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Right well I have finished Ambers bolero, It is ok, she loves it but to tell the truth my picking up of stitches is poor and I need a lot more practice I ended up with too few stitches and it is pulling a bit tight. I have also included a photo of Carly's baby blanket which Amber is also modeling!! there is also a picture of me with blanket, Amber took it so I had to promise to put it on here!!!
I have also knitted a little top in Tufty wool for Jade but I have to finish sewing that up today. I have started a cardigan for Darcey funky fur and DK. I have decided my skills are not up to anything more adventurous at the moment, this was my first picot stitch,and I have just realised I have been doing yfw wrong all this time.LOL.

I had been thinking about not bothering posting anymore as my knitting is pretty basic but then I thought about it and really it doesn't really matter how ambitious you are with your knitting as long as you enjoy it and hopefully as I gradually improve this will be a way for me to look back and say look how much better I have got, well hopefully anyway.

I also would like to point out that I don't know how I got that aviator at the top of my blog but that also means I don't know how to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!

Well we are in the final week of the school holidays so soon it will be back to routine and rush rush rush. I think I will go and sew up Jades top, or maybe I should tidy up and stop the kids fighting first, Nah, knitting it is.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a quick post as things are way busy round here, I got a new book Mason Dixon Knitting and I love it I don't know why I waited so long to buy it. To be honest I didn't know if I really fancied it but had read a lot of praise for it on other blogs and decided to go for it and I am so glad I did, it's great.
The school holidays are flying by I am doing the uniform shopping and it is driving me mad.
Ambers cardigan is on the last sleeve so soon there will be pictures to show.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well I have finished the baby blanket and a photo will be on soon. I am still plodding on with the cotton cardy, but I have also set aside 4 projects I want to get on with and I have started the first which is a bolero type jacket for Amber, in Eskimo so not very sophisticated but as I have said many times the kids love it and my main aim is to knit something they love to wear, I also let them go through my pattern books and pick which ones they want and then through the stash to pick colours.

On other news we have all been to the opticians this week Amber has to wear glasses for close work so we have got her a lovely little pink pair they really suit her. We also all had a 24 hour bug , it went from each one of us, one at a time, it was not a fun time at all.

Jade, Amber and myself also fit in a long overdue trip to the hairdressers and have all had our hair chopped off, Amber and me have had chin length bobs and Jades is shoulder length, I am so glad it is done as we were all in real need of a sort out.

I also got a bargain wool purchase I found a very reasonably priced website and they are doing a special on sirdar's Tufty wool 99p per ball, it is being discontinued, rather than the normal £2.70 per ball, so I bought 22 balls, 11 in a cerise and 11 in lilac, the postage is also free. There website is I first bought something off them on ebay, they are definately cheaper than most other sites I have visited.

I am now going to try and getting some knitting done, after I have read a few other blogs!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Right I have actually managed to load some photos on and I have had an attempt at putting them on here. The photo's aren't particularly good but I am still very much a novice in this department. I have taken a photo of Darcey's cardy so far and the baby blanket so far. Also took another picture of the pattern although the flash did catch it a bit. As you can see I haven't worked out how to fit the photo's around the text, I have tried every option right, left, centre and none, but still they don't go where I want them too!!

I know that my projects aren't very exciting or difficult, I have seen some creations on other blogs that take your breath away, but still I hope anyone who actually looks at my blog doesn't mind looking at my amateur little pieces.

Not much else going on round here at the moment except that Jade and Amber both started knitting yesterday and they are really enjoying it , I tried a couple of times before to get them going, Jade comes to the class I teach at school, but they both preferred the cross titch but they just asked off their own back to knit and they are doing ok. Especially Jade she is just getting on with it, Amber needs a bit more help but she is a year younger. Carly never took to it at all so I have high hopes for these two, Joe can do it if he wants too (not that he does!) so just Darcey to go.LOL.

Now I know how to get these pictures on I may take a few more, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well it doesn't look like I will be getting any photo's on here for a while, hubby bought this new programme, Paint shop pro X, and at first everything was fine, but now for some reason the computer is refusing to allow us to run the programme, and it has also stopped me gaining any access to photos that I load on from the camera. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids are all offically on summer holidays now, hubby was off this week and goes back to work Monday, he is starting up a new internet business selling boxing clothes which has meant I have had no chance of getting near the computer!

I am doing well on the knitting, I have done the back and one front of Darcey's cotton cardy, and am well on my way with the furry baby blanket I am doing it in a lovely blue called bluebell, funky fur.

I have applied to become a childminder and have my meeting on the 14th September so we shall see how that goes. I don't have Georgie next week as they are away on holiday, so I shall try and get me some knitting time in. Carly moves in this week so will also try to get to see her.

We went to my old school friends 40th birthday party Friday night which was nice saw a few people I haven't seen since I left school, which was really weird. The kids had a great time running around and getting some freedom, it actually was a really enjoyable evening.

I bought a load of wool on Tuesday as we had to go to Bluewater and I nipped into House of Fraser and came out £45 lighter. Eventually I hope to take some photos, but as a preview I bought some Debbie Bliss merino in blue and pink and also quite a lot of Jaeger baby wool, I am not sure these are the correct names but I can't go and get the wool to check as hubby is sitting in the same room and he doesn't know about this particular stash enhancement and I don't want to tempt fate he may just ask where it all came from.LOL.

Well I think that is about it for a update.bye for now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our support group B.A.T.H.H Basildon and Thurrock Healthy Hero's, now has a web site so I thought I would put it on here in case anyone is interested there is also a photo of me on the contact page, I am on the end in the Yellow. The website address is

We have been quite busy with the group lately and also I am still having lots of meetings at school the kids all break up by next Tuesday so then I can relax a bit more. I have almost finished knitting a little vest/tank top for Carly's baby, now we know its a boy I can make really boyish things, the problem is I have so many girls myself, my stash is nearly all pink and mauves and other girly colours so I will probably have to buy some more.LOL.

I have loads of things I want to start, Car;y also wants an furry blanket for the baby so I got some lovely blanket patterns and also a nice baby pattern book both from Sirdar. The pattern book has a lot of patterns suitable for boy's which makes a nice change. Carly is getting on well, her and her boyfriend Danny are moving into their own flat on August 1st they seem to be getting on well and at the moment all is looking good. I am also getting on really well with her we speak everyday and I can't remember the last time she moaned about anything, except maybe the weather.LOL.

All the other kids are doing well, I have taken some pictures of Darcey with the new camera and I have so far loaded them on the computer but not worked out how to get them here .!!

Joe is doing well, still boxing and playing football, the local boxing clubs have been asked to keep their eyes out for boys to put forward for the 2012 Olympics and Joe is definately in with a chance, although obviously it is very early days.

All the kids reports were good, especially Jade's who had a couple above averages.

I am still looking after my friends little boy and have decided to apply to be a registered childminder as I don't feel comfortable doing it without making it offical. My real hope is to one day become a foster parent, we did start the process before Darcey was born, but you have to wait until your youngest is 2 before you can apply again.

Well I think thats about it for now, I know it is a bit borring with no photo's but I didn't want to leave posting for too long and I have no idea when I will get round to sorting out the photos.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still not a great deal to report, it is almost end of term and another school year, so it seems to be one sports day and parents evening after another at the moment. I am still knitting the cotton cardy, 4ply knits up so slow. I have also started looking after my friends little boy a couple of days a week to help her out. Not much else to report, main thing at the moment is my eldest is expecting a baby in November and we went for her scan Monday and she is expecting a boy. It still feels weird I will be a Nan, but more knitting on the horizon, a blanket I think!!
Well that about is for now, still no pictures hopefully I will get some time soon and make this blog a bit more interesting.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I haven't really got that much to report but I don't like leaving too long between posts, so I am doing what the title says giving a quick update. I finished both girls little fluffy tops and they have worn them many times. I have just got a new digital camera , and once I get a bit of spare time (as if!!!) I will sort out how to use it and then get some pictures taken.
Our weekend away was great Amber had a lovely birthday and the weather was great, the only bad bit was on the way home Amber's blood sugar levels fell very low and she started to have a mild fit, it is the first time we have experienced this and we were really worried, we phoned for an ambulance, but luckly by the time it came we had everything under control. She is fine now and things have been pretty stable since.
I have started knitting a lovely cardigan for Darcey in splish splash elle 4ply cotton, it is really pretty with a lovely frilly pattern round the bottom, it starts with almost 300 stitches.
The cotton is so soft and lovely, I have a picture of it in one of my previous posts but the picture doesn't do justice to the colour. I hope to add a picture of work in progress soon, I may also link to a picture of the pattern if I can find one, if not I will just take a
Well as I said this is just a quick update, as ever I am busy busy busy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I have been very busy knitting so haven't posted lately, Jade and Amber decided they both wanted a new top to wear for Ambers birthday this sunday. I have finished Jade's it took just over a week and now I am doing Ambers the front is done just the back to go, they are sleeveless tops in funky fur. I am pleased with them, I have done Ambers in the smaller size and it is a lot smaller than Jades, but I am going to stick with it and see how it turns out. We are off to the caravan at Clacton again this weekend so I am packing in between knitting. I also finished Darcey's bolero. I am taking the digital camera this weekend and hope to get some pictures of all latest knit wear!!
Hopefully the weather will be better this time, it is lovely and sunny at present and they say it should stay so you never know. I also bought a load more wool and patterns this week, It was all elle, or stylecraft stuff again. Our local shop only really sells these brands at present.
My main problem at the moment is I have loads of things I want to knit for the girls but they keep
On a general front things are going fine, Ambers diabetes is going ok, she is low quite a lot at present but the warm weather does that so at least we know what causes it.
All the other kids are plodding along nicely, oldest daughter Carly, is in the process of sorting herself out a flat with her boyfriend so things are looking good there at present, but I never like to tempt fate as far as Carly is concerned.
Had a nice church service sunday evening for Pentecost although Jade did managed to fall asleep. I shall miss going this week but it is nice to get away. My hubby had a tooth out last Friday and it was quite a nasty one, he had to have stitches. I feel sorry for him, but he is still moaning a week later, what is it with men.
Well thats all for now, must get back to Amber's top.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Almost Half Term and New Wool.

Well it is almost school holiday time again, as is typical I have one off sick so will probably have them all ill next week!
The weekend away went well, despite the fact that it rained the whole time we actually had a good weekend and have booked another one at the same place for the weekend of Amber's birthday. We used to go to Clacton a lot, but then it got a bit boring, so it was nice to go back again, and it is great for a weekend away for us as it is only an hour and a bit drive.
I managed to get some wool in a cheap book shop, only fake fur stuff, but I love it so it was ideal for me I got 12 balls for £9.99. I have taken a picture of each colour. I also got two balls of lime green fake fur in Basildon for 99p each. Then Yesterday down Wickford I popped into the LYS and ended up buying 3 balls of elle family Dk, 2 balls of elle Sensual, 2 balls of a lovely soft baby wool in lilac and finally 4 balls of elle splish splash cotton 4ply. I just loved the colours, I bought them for £2.99 each which I thought was ok for 100g balls, but when I searched the internet last night I found them being sold for £4.95 and £5.95 a ball, so I was quite chuffed. I have to say sorry to all those yarn snobs but I really can't afford to buy wool with cost £6 or £7 a go, I have thought about not feeding the kids, but I don't think I would get away with

Nothing big planned for the weekend Joe has a football tournament on Saturday afternoon, may take the girls along if it's not raining! Then Church Sunday as usual. I am hopeing to see Carly next week as she may be able to come up for the day, as I am not rushing back and forwards to school and can pick her up and take her home. I speak to her everyday, but it isn't the same as seeing her in the flesh, She is not that far away but sometimes is feels like miles. I just hope that things will settle down and she will change I love her to bits but sometimes she makes it a bit hard to like her.

I am going to try and get a bit more organised round here so that I can enjoy some more time to myself, not sure how yet, but I can dream can't I. I know a lot of people dread the school holidays as all the kids home drive you mad but I find I get a rest as I have so many commitment during school term, teaching knitting and cross stitch atan after school club, governor meetings and so on, its just nice not to HAVE to do anything.

Well I think thats it for now, I shall go and do some tidying up.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I thought I would post a picture of Darcey's bolero or rather the pieces of it that are finished. The photo is awful, but that is my camera not me ( I have also added a couple of pictures of Darcey, well she was there and it seemed rude not too:-). We are going to Clacton in a caravan for the weekend so hopefully she can wear it there. It is raining at present so it should be a great weekend. Oh well I can always take my knitting!!

I would also like to apologise for how bad the photos look loaded up but I haven't mastered how to fit the writing around the pictures yet.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a quick post, I am on the computer to do my online food shopping, (no pushing two trolley's for me), so I thought I would do a little update, I ripped the vest top out and threw the free needles away, the cotton is amongst the stash. I think the real problem I have is I am used to knitting for the kids so anything bigger just takes too much concentration, plus I get so many interruptions from the kids and hubby that I kept losing my place, the needles pinging about all over the place didn't help. Anyway I have started another bolero with funky fur edging for Darcey, as they are quick and easy. I am obviously not at a complicated knit stage of my life right now!LOL.
I don't have any pictures to show at the moment, I have such a rubbish camera, that it is a real pain taking them and loading them up otherwise I would be snapping a lot more.
I now have 3 things on the needles none of them too challenging so should get some finished pictures on soon. I must also remember to take a picture of Amber in her bolero. Well I supose I should get back to Tesco's.!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well my new wool arrived and I had forgotten just how thin 4ply is! I have started on the top, but my main problem is I thought it would be a good idea to use the free needles I got with the magazine as they are the right size and all, but they are a nightmare, they are so cheap the plastic is really stiff and they curly round and round I will try and take a picture tomorrow and post it just to show how awful they are. However, I had a real nightmare casting on and counting 171 stitches ( I knew I should loose some weight!!), so I just couldn't face ripping it out and starting again. I have had to put Darcey's gillet away for the moment as I need some contrast wool to sew it up as the WOW wool is just too bulky and amazingly in my stash I don't have one to match the colour I have used.
Not much else to report today went to Mother and Toddler this morning at the church, the had a govenors meeting straight after school, so I have done nothing at all today indoors and it shows! But all I want to do is KNIT!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Just popped on because I had to tell someone that I have just ordered some Rowan 4ply cotton, to knit a lovely little top I found in this months Simply Knitting, it is in a lovely lilac shade, I have never knitted anything like this before and at first I thought it would be too difficult, because it is lacey, but when I actually read the pattern I couldn't see anything I can't do, so I am going to give it a try, I haven't knitted anything for myself in ages. The only bad thing is I have to knit the biggest size! lol.
On wednesday night my son's football team had their presentation evening at the Outback Steak house, who are his team sponsers, which was a nice evening, he also got a trophy for best all round player. We need another shelf what with his boxing and football trophies. Anyway above is a picture of Joe getting his cup.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well I am still knitting Darcey's bolero, but I have made a bit of a mistake and did the fronts for the jacket version so now it has pockets, oh well, they look quite good actually. I have been feeling a bit down lately, but I feel a lot better today, I am feeling refreshed, so maybe my knitting productivity may improve!!!lol.
We have just finished decorating two bedrooms so the house is now back to normal which is certainly good news, also Darcey in now in her own room so I can get some sleep at night. Above Is a picture of Joe and Darcey in his newly decorated bedroom.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

As promised here are a couple of pictures of Pirate Amber taken before we left for the party. She had a great time.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Well just a quick post I took a couple of pictures of Darcey wearing her dress I knitted they aren't that great photos as she doesn't keep still very often.
I am still plodding along with her little jacket I am knitting, as it is WOW it is coming along real fast. I have also been thinking about doing a bit of crossstitch again, so there maybe some of that to see soon, I have also just remembered that I haven't posted any pictures of Amber's finished bolero. I will try to get some sorted out tomorrow. Amber is going to a birthday party tomorrow as a Pirate so I shall definately be taking some pictures of that. Things are going really well with her at the moment her blood glucose levels have been great at school, which has been such a relief. I am a bit worried that Jade maybe feeling a bit left out at the moment, as we have had to focus on Amber such a lot lately, and she has been having a lot of 'outbursts' lately, I think a bit of extra TLC is due there.
bye for now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long Time No Post!!!!!

Well as the title says it has been quite a while since I posted any messages, as is usual in my life, loads of stuff has happened. Firstly I am no longer homeschooling Amber, this is due to the fact that I have found a lovely school which was willing to take on board her diabetes and have bent over backwards to accomodate her and make her feel happy and safe. I am chuffed to bits, I was finding Homeschooling, very difficult, I am not against it and I think in an ideal situation I would love to have had all my kids at home, but I just found it hard to fit it in with everybody elses demands. The thing that makes the whole thing even better is that Amber loves her new school and has loads of friends already. It is a very small school, only 3 classes in the whole school, one in each year, which makes it very friendly and very accessable, which has been a God send for us.
On the knitting front, I have recently finished a little pinafore dress for Darcey out of a Zoe Mellor book called adorable knits, I knitted it in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, as it is sooo soft. I have just started a bolero for my eldest daughter, but I have put that on hold, and I have started a gillet for Darcey in Wow and Eskimo, the pattern asked for Funky Fur, but Eskimo is the same. That is also very soft, but the Wow does shred a bit.
I have also started writing again, something I used to do a lot of when I only had 2 kids, but stopped with no's 3, 4 and 5!!! I have found a nice little writing group not far away which I hope I will get a long to soon. I have always wanted to write a novel, I have written a couple but nothing that could really be called finished. I am a murder/mystery buff, and that is the kind of thing I hope to write. I have also started reading again, I have just finished reading a interesting if not controversial book about Mary Magdalene by Lynn Picknett, and I have started one called The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke, and Peter Gandy, they are definately thought provoking and give a very different view!

I will try and take some pictures of Darcey's dress later and get them on as soon as possible.

Well thats a bit of an update, I will try to do a bit more regular posting from now on.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Please excuse my spelling errors and missing words in my last post, but my only defence is that I am very tired.!!!!!!!!!!:)
Well for anybody who actually reads my blog! I am still alive. I have as always been busy, but also my husband has set himself a little business going on ebay and I just can't get on here.

I have recently joined a Alpha course, for anyone who doesn't know what that is it is a meeting where you can discuss Christianity and Jesus and so on, I have really been enjoying the meetings and have also been going to church every Sunday with the girls. I am really gaining a lot from this and feel like I am on the path to becoming a real Christian.

On the knitting front things have been very slow, I am still plodding along with Ambers bolero, but I have lots of over things I should have started but I just feel so tired every evening!

Ambers homeschooling isn't going too bad but I am struggling to know if she really learning enough.

I have also just become the Vice Chairman for BATHH which is our local suport group for children with diabetes ( as if I didn't have enough to do, but you know how it is nobody else would do it.)

This reads a bit like a list but I just wanted to jump on here and just give an update, hopefully I will be able to get on and have a good old natter soon. Not tomorrow though as it is my oldest Carly's 18th birthday, so I have to take her to Lakeside shopping centre for the

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I have had a strange week, at the beginning I felt really down and as if I couldn't make a decision to save my life, but at the end, mainly yesterday, I suddenly came over all positive and I have decided to start a diet, and today has been my first day on it and I feel really good, and although I have had a couple of moments when I really fancied something naughty I have managed to fight it and I feel really pleased with myself.

I am still a bit worried about Amber and the whole homeschooling thing as she really doesn't seem keen to do any work and I feel a bit lost as to what to do with her and my time is always so limited.

Darcey has started to walk just a few steps but she is well on her way now, I can seen a pair of new shoes coming along any day now. My son Joe has gone out with his football team today, he is going to be a ball boy for Southend United for their match today, my hubby and my dad have gone also. Amber went round her friends to play today for a couple of hours, although that doesn't sound that exciting, it is the first time anybody has asked her, since she became diabetic, a lot of mums are a bit nervous, understandably, about having her round, so I was really chuffed she was asked, it is also nice that her old classmates are still asking to play with her and so on, we are having her friend round on Tuesday after school.

Today is the anniversary of my mum's death, so it is a bit of a strange one, I don't think this day is really any different from any other ones really as I miss her every single day!

On a happier note I have made a good start on Ambers Bolero, my knitting has been going a bit slow at the moment so it was nice to get back to it.
Not much else to report today, I am planning to try and get to church tomorrow morning, maybe this time I actually

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I have just taken a couple of photos of Darcey wearing her bolero ( although it actually fits her more like a cardigan, she is with Amber in one picture and my dad in another. They are not very good as I couldn't get her to keep still.