Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well it doesn't look like I will be getting any photo's on here for a while, hubby bought this new programme, Paint shop pro X, and at first everything was fine, but now for some reason the computer is refusing to allow us to run the programme, and it has also stopped me gaining any access to photos that I load on from the camera. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids are all offically on summer holidays now, hubby was off this week and goes back to work Monday, he is starting up a new internet business selling boxing clothes which has meant I have had no chance of getting near the computer!

I am doing well on the knitting, I have done the back and one front of Darcey's cotton cardy, and am well on my way with the furry baby blanket I am doing it in a lovely blue called bluebell, funky fur.

I have applied to become a childminder and have my meeting on the 14th September so we shall see how that goes. I don't have Georgie next week as they are away on holiday, so I shall try and get me some knitting time in. Carly moves in this week so will also try to get to see her.

We went to my old school friends 40th birthday party Friday night which was nice saw a few people I haven't seen since I left school, which was really weird. The kids had a great time running around and getting some freedom, it actually was a really enjoyable evening.

I bought a load of wool on Tuesday as we had to go to Bluewater and I nipped into House of Fraser and came out £45 lighter. Eventually I hope to take some photos, but as a preview I bought some Debbie Bliss merino in blue and pink and also quite a lot of Jaeger baby wool, I am not sure these are the correct names but I can't go and get the wool to check as hubby is sitting in the same room and he doesn't know about this particular stash enhancement and I don't want to tempt fate he may just ask where it all came from.LOL.

Well I think that is about it for a update.bye for now.

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