Friday, October 27, 2006

Well I got a lovely parcel yesterday from, I chose the green and lavender and lavender on its own for the cardigan pattern I bought off The Garter belt designer Marie Grace Yarn Slayer. If you look on the site the pattern can also be bought from them. I can't take any pictures at the moment as we have no batteries.
I have also placed an order with another company they are called I read about them in the new Simply Knitting magazine I have placed an order for the pink dress and the A line Cardigan. I am a tiny bit concerned though as I placed the order wednesday and I received the original order email, but nothing since and the order hasn't been processed yet according to my account information on the website. Hopefully it will all be ok as it certainly wasn't a cheap purchase.
I have also knitted a little baby hat for Carly in Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK in pale blue, I think I may have already mentioned that , I am now trying to get a body warmer in Sirdar Foxy done for Jade as quick as poss she really wants to wear it and I really want to get on to using up some of my lovely new wool.

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