Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I haven't really got that much to report but I don't like leaving too long between posts, so I am doing what the title says giving a quick update. I finished both girls little fluffy tops and they have worn them many times. I have just got a new digital camera , and once I get a bit of spare time (as if!!!) I will sort out how to use it and then get some pictures taken.
Our weekend away was great Amber had a lovely birthday and the weather was great, the only bad bit was on the way home Amber's blood sugar levels fell very low and she started to have a mild fit, it is the first time we have experienced this and we were really worried, we phoned for an ambulance, but luckly by the time it came we had everything under control. She is fine now and things have been pretty stable since.
I have started knitting a lovely cardigan for Darcey in splish splash elle 4ply cotton, it is really pretty with a lovely frilly pattern round the bottom, it starts with almost 300 stitches.
The cotton is so soft and lovely, I have a picture of it in one of my previous posts but the picture doesn't do justice to the colour. I hope to add a picture of work in progress soon, I may also link to a picture of the pattern if I can find one, if not I will just take a
Well as I said this is just a quick update, as ever I am busy busy busy.


Dawn said...

Glad to hear that Amber came out of the fit. My hubby is a diabetic, as been since he was 14, but your daughter is so young! One of the ladies I work with has a grandaughter that is diabetic also and she says it is especially hard to keep track of a childs sugar level! I have to stop myself sometimes because I ask if Rich is high or not...probably doesn't sound very well in the public!

Look forward to seeing a pic of the sweater you are making. I need to make my niece one soon...I picked up a pair of pink cords that I'm going to make into a skirt for her. Re-use recycle!

Knitting Mummy said...

I also ask Amber do you feel high or low when we are out and we get some strange looks! It is hard with kids as they are physically changing all the time , we just get her levels rights and she goes and
Mind you getting it as a teenager must also be tough, as they hate to feel they are different at that age.

I am really being slack with the updates at the moment but life gets so busy as the end of a school year approaches all sports day and parents evenings.
I will update with a pic soon.

I am impressed with the recycling idea and look forward to seeing the outcome.