Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well my new wool arrived and I had forgotten just how thin 4ply is! I have started on the top, but my main problem is I thought it would be a good idea to use the free needles I got with the magazine as they are the right size and all, but they are a nightmare, they are so cheap the plastic is really stiff and they curly round and round I will try and take a picture tomorrow and post it just to show how awful they are. However, I had a real nightmare casting on and counting 171 stitches ( I knew I should loose some weight!!), so I just couldn't face ripping it out and starting again. I have had to put Darcey's gillet away for the moment as I need some contrast wool to sew it up as the WOW wool is just too bulky and amazingly in my stash I don't have one to match the colour I have used.
Not much else to report today went to Mother and Toddler this morning at the church, the had a govenors meeting straight after school, so I have done nothing at all today indoors and it shows! But all I want to do is KNIT!!!!!!!!!


Becky said...

Getting new wool is so exciting - I can't wait to make some purchases soon.

That's one handsome son you've got there and sporty too - watch out for him in the future !

Knitting Mummy said...

I was excited but now I don't think I can do the pattern I wanted so am wondering what to knit with it! I am sure I will think of something though.lol.

Dawn said...

Free things are nice...but sometimes not very practical....I have heard that if you run hot water over the plastic on circular needles they will uncurl. You might give that a try. I'm sure you can do the pattern, give it one more try maybe with better needles and see how it goes!

I have trouble with the free stitch markers I got because they catch on all my knitting. Kind of defeats the purpose! I'm going to have to work out how to make my own! I love beads....anyway...another story!

Knitting Mummy said...

I have to confess I have put the vest top on hold and I tried putting the plastic in hot water but it made no difference, so they are in the bin. I think I will get some more needles and then give it another go.