Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Well as ever I haven't been keeping up to date on here. I have two finished items to show, one is a waistcoat for Amber, which she never seems to take off, and the other is a hat for Jade.
I have really been finding it hard to settle with one project lately, as my Ravelry projects will show I have a real problem finishing anything these days. It hasn't stopped me buying more yarn though my latest phase is for lace weight yarn, as I have this idea that I am going to knit shawls or scarfs as teacher's presents this year for christmas, obviously as I am buying this yarn I am fully aware that the chances of me finishing even one of these items by christmas is very slim, but they are so pretty.lol
This is a funny week as Jade has gone away for a week with her school and it feels strange without her :-( I look forward to her coming back in one piece. That being said I hope she has a great time and it will be a great experience for her as she has never been away from home before.
Gracie is still not sleeping much so I am tired pretty much most of the time. Darcey loves school but I do once again have a demanding school run trying to make it from one school to another in time. Joe is another story all together he has gone totally off the rails, although saying that I am hopeing that we have turned a corner as we have cracked down hard on him and he is improving, time will tell, don't you just love teenagers!!! Amber is doing ok, her blood sugars have been pretty stable, she has to go for flu jab this week, so not looking forward to that. Finally Carly is doing great as are the grandkids, plus her other half has a new job and things are looking good for them at present.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We have a new addition to the family she is a little kitten and her name is Suzy. She is lovely and so sweet. I have a picture of her but there will be many more trust me. I also have a picture of the 4 girls last sunday it is not often I get a good one of them all together.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Well this time my internet went down for 3 weeks and we have had to change company and have now gone for cable with Virgin Media so I am finally back on line.
I still have no pictures of Tegan yet but I do have a picture of a little angel dress I made her ages ago, which I put on Ravelry but never seemed to get around to putting on here.
I have at least 4 things on the needles at the mo, but just can't seem to get anything finished, mind you it is the school holidays so things are up in the air. I have also had Carly and her 3 to stay a couple of times which believe me takes a few days to recover from when she goes home, We had 3 adults and 8 kids in a 4 bed house, very crowded.lol
I feel I should have loads more to say as it has been so long since I have been on but the trouble is so much has happened it has all blurred, I know I have had Amber ill again, although this time no hospital visit. We have been doing a lot of shopping as without the internet I had to physically go out and buy stuff, that was no fun at all with 4 or 5 kids with me each time!!!!
Oh well, 3 are back to school next week then Darcey starts the week after which will leave only Gracie at home. Joe is in his last year which doesn't seem possible.
I shall now go and rescue the tv from Gracie who appears to be trying to push it off its stand, I hope to keep posting on here a bit more often now things are almost back to normal.xx

Monday, August 03, 2009

I am still around, I have had so much trouble getting on my blog I had just started thinking about starting a new one.
I have lovely news Carly had her baby on Friday 31st July a little girl, 7lb 130z and it was a lovely water birth. Her name is Tegan Suzanne.
I will post properly soon just wanted to post something now I am back on.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Well this week has been so busy and I still have lots to do over the next two days so I just thought I would make a quick post.

I have finished a bib for Carly's new baby and she now has that and the Yoda cardigan I made.

I am still moving a head to get my spiritual life more together, my very good friend Lindsay and I have been doing discipleship together and that has been a real help I am learning so much and find myself wanting to learn even more.

Also my hubby who is not saved has been coming to church on a regular basis which is wonderful.

I have also found this really sad and beautiful song on Youtube about aborted babies wondering how their life would have been, it is very moving. I have added a link so anybody who isn't interested doesn't have to go and look at it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just a quick one, I actually have a finished item, it is the Yoda baby sweater to be found on Ravelry, I wouldn't normally have chosen this pattern but it was for a KAL in the Babylonglegs group on Ravelry. I think it actually turned out ok, I am going to give it to Carly for her baby which is due in July.

I also have a couple of pics of the kids to stop this being another wordy post.lol

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well I still don't have any finished items, which is very bad of me. I have had a few revelations lately and have decided to make some big decisions in my life. My priorities in life have really slipped lately and I have been spending far too much time on things like facebook and twitter and not enough time on my family,don't get me wrong they haven't been neglected or anything, just not my priority.
So I have decided that the only online things I am going to keep going are my blog and of course Ravelry and everything else can just go.
I have also decide to get more in touch with my christian side I have been a Born Again Christian for a couple of years now, but It is only recently with certain events that I have seen how important that decision was and I want to start getting on with my life and living it as a Christian.
I hope anybody who reads this just for the knitting, doesn't mind me rambling on in this post but I don want to make this more of a life blog than just a knitting record.

I have had a rough week as Amber ended up in hospital on a drip, we have all had tummy bugs and as sometimes happens with her diabetes if she can't eat then we have to get some glucose in her somehow. I am so looking forward to next week and hopefully some normality or as near as it gets in this house.lol

I intend to get back to my knitting I have two items over half way finished which should soon be done, I have tons of projects waiting to go also,so hopefully should have some pictures to put on very soon. I also have quite a few books to read so shall be busy.
Hope this post wasn't too borring.xx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Had my hair done the other day so thought I would stick some pics on while it still looked the way it is meant to,(before I washed it.lol).

I still have two things on the needles, one is a aran cardigan for Darcey, and the other is a baby dress for Carly's baby due in July which has now been confirmed a girl. I am just taking ages to finish either, I think facebook and twitter are affecting my productivity.lol

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well I haven't updated on here for ages, just seem to be doing something else all the time. I have a few pics to add

This is a little top I have done for Gracie it looks lovely on.

This is also for Gracie but I haven't had a chance to take a pic of her wearing it yet.

And this is a picture of Carly I took when she was last round.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I have two finished cardigans to show off, one for Darcey and one for Gracie, Darcey's is the one I kept saying I was going to finish, but didn't seem to actually want to. It is from a sirdar booklet called Ohh La La and is knit in sirdars snuggly baby in Daisy and Navy, Gracies is also a sirdar pattern from a booklet called Sugar Kisses and this was knit with Babylonglegs Dk.

Kids were all off today due to the snow, which was fun I can tell you!! Haven't felt so great lately been feeling a bit under the weather and also a bit fed up to tell the truth, didn't get to church on sunday as me, jade and Gracie all have colds.
Also going to miss my weigh in at weight watchers tonight as it has been cancelled due to snow, although on my own scales I have now lost a stone in weight, I have been walking to and from school lately and this has definately helped.

It is Carly's 21st birthday tomorrow so providing the snow doesn't ruin our plans we are planning to meet up at Lakeside and spend the day together. I can't believe she is going to be 21 how did that happen.lol

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well firstly no knitting content in this post although I have two almost finished Items so it won't be long. Things have been busy as usual, I had a break from church for a while, had a few things to get my head around, but am back and loving it which is good.

Jade had a Tudor day at school so I took a couple of photos of her outfit probably not the most flattering thing she has ever worn.lol It is her birthday today she is 10 so one more into double figures!

I had also added a couple of pictures of my grandsons Harrison and Kadon, as Carly came round on Friday so took the opportunity to get a couple of shots.

Not a great deal happening I have joined Weight Watchers and tonight will be my second weigh in, I lost 6lb the first week which was a good start hopefully some more will come off tonight.

When I am not knitting I am either on Ravelry or Facebook both of which are far too addictive I have also discovered Twitter although at the moment I am not totally sure what I am doing with it.lol.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I have a finished item although it isn't one of the one's I had already started.lol.
I love this yarn it is so soft and springy, Darcey wore this to church today and lot's of people commented on it which she loved.