Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I don't really like posting without a photo, but as I don't have one available at the moment I will have to do just that. Had a busy day today, spent it with my eldest out buying baby stuff ready for her new arrival. It was actually a really nice day, just a bit manic.
On the knitting front I have almost finished the cardigan I started for Darcey, I have given up on the cotton one, it won't fit if I leave it and I just can't face 4ply at the minute, just too damn slow!!! I received the cotton I ordered to do the little dress in Simply Knitting, that will definately have to be started soon or she will be too big before I start. We are going to a family barbecue and I was hopeing to have something knitted for each of the younger ones to wear, I have the lilac cardigan for Amber and the tufty top for Jade, although I am not sure if that will be suitable for a september BBQ, I was hopeing to have the dress done for Darcey, the BBQ is on the 30th September so I could, in theory,have enough time to get it done.
Everyone is back at school now, so it is slightly less hectic during the day, so I maybe able to do some serious knitting, the thing is round here it is always dodgy to make plans as things have a nasty habit of changing dramatically at the last minute.LOL.


Dawn said...

It is hard to believe at 40 you have a child with one on the way....makes me remember that by the time my Mom was 40, I could have had a little one myself!!! UGH!!!! Congrats and just think of all the little knitting you get to do, along with the stuff for your own girls.

Knitting Mummy said...

I know what you mean I am sure I am not old enough.LOL. Carly is 18 so she is very young but she has a lot of experience of babies with her brother and sisters. I thought it would of put her off actually!!!