Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well things are plodding along around here, I have finished the cotton dress from Simply Knitting and I am 90% happy with it. It has come up a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but that does tend to happen to me, and I have to confess I don't do a swatch I just assume that whatever I knit it will come out bigger than it should be!!
I did enjoy knitting with the cotton though it is so lovely and soft I will definately use it again.

I was going to take some pictures but it is a bit too dark now and Darcey is also in bed so I shall take some tomorrow of her wearing it. I have now started knitting a little hoody for Darcey I have almost finished the back.

This is just a brief update hopefully there will be more pictures tomorrow and more interesting stuff to read, not that many people seem to read anything I write, I sometimes wonder if it because I don't do sophisticated knitting like a lot of other people, I hope not, as I am still learning and I can't really afford really expensive yarns. I have to admit that I will quite often play it safe with my knitting, but I do enjoy it so I supose that counts for a lot.

I have just got a new pattern from The garter belt site, I had hoped to put a link in there but I can't find the address at present, it is a lovely autumn jacket for girls aged 2 to 12. I am really looking forward to knitting that one and I am going to think hard about what yarns to use, I may try to get something at Ally Pally later this month. That is a day out I am really looking forward to, a whole day away from the kids just pleasing myself, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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