Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a quick post, I am on the computer to do my online food shopping, (no pushing two trolley's for me), so I thought I would do a little update, I ripped the vest top out and threw the free needles away, the cotton is amongst the stash. I think the real problem I have is I am used to knitting for the kids so anything bigger just takes too much concentration, plus I get so many interruptions from the kids and hubby that I kept losing my place, the needles pinging about all over the place didn't help. Anyway I have started another bolero with funky fur edging for Darcey, as they are quick and easy. I am obviously not at a complicated knit stage of my life right now!LOL.
I don't have any pictures to show at the moment, I have such a rubbish camera, that it is a real pain taking them and loading them up otherwise I would be snapping a lot more.
I now have 3 things on the needles none of them too challenging so should get some finished pictures on soon. I must also remember to take a picture of Amber in her bolero. Well I supose I should get back to Tesco's.!!!!!!!


Dawn said...

Well, at least you can rest easy knowing that you have added to your stash! I can't believe some of the crap I have in my stash from back when I was very very very poor. Oh well, I suppose that doesn't always have to be a bad thing!

I think you are right to throw the needles away...I will now do the same thing!!!

Knitting Mummy said...

I don't know if you have this problem but no matter how much stash I have I still never seem to find what I need when I decide to start a new project.