Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi Just wanted to say I am still alive. Just busy as ever. I have a couple of finished items to show and also a couple of newly started ones as well, hopefully I will get some photos done, I was going to take some now, but then I remembered that Darcey is asleep in her room and the finished items are hanging in her wardrobe and there is no way I am risking waking her up by going in there I need my Darcey sleep time!!

Things are plodding away here, I have been going back to church regularly again, which has been great, I went through a stage where I was really struggling , being the only Christian in my family, but I felt the urge to go back too strong and I am glad I did everybody was lovely and so welcoming and I have started going to a caregroup again which is really helping.

Carly is doing well, she has been a bit worried as Harrison hasn't been feeding as well as he should, but she it going to speak to her Health Visitor today, I wish I lived nearer or that I had more time to just go round and help, but that is the trouble with her having a lot of younger siblings, Nan is too busy being Mum!!
I might try and get there at the weekend though which will be lovely.

Anyway I just wanted to do a quick update as I hate not posting, hardly anybody reads my blog as it is I wouldn't want to risk losing any new reader's.LOL.

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Dawn said...

Glad to hear your daughter and grandbaby are doing well. I've been a long time in posting myself! Glad to hear you are doing alright and keeping busy. Time to make the Christmas stuff! Better go get to it myself!