Monday, January 19, 2009

Well firstly no knitting content in this post although I have two almost finished Items so it won't be long. Things have been busy as usual, I had a break from church for a while, had a few things to get my head around, but am back and loving it which is good.

Jade had a Tudor day at school so I took a couple of photos of her outfit probably not the most flattering thing she has ever It is her birthday today she is 10 so one more into double figures!

I had also added a couple of pictures of my grandsons Harrison and Kadon, as Carly came round on Friday so took the opportunity to get a couple of shots.

Not a great deal happening I have joined Weight Watchers and tonight will be my second weigh in, I lost 6lb the first week which was a good start hopefully some more will come off tonight.

When I am not knitting I am either on Ravelry or Facebook both of which are far too addictive I have also discovered Twitter although at the moment I am not totally sure what I am doing with

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I have a finished item although it isn't one of the one's I had already
I love this yarn it is so soft and springy, Darcey wore this to church today and lot's of people commented on it which she loved.