Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our support group B.A.T.H.H Basildon and Thurrock Healthy Hero's, now has a web site so I thought I would put it on here in case anyone is interested there is also a photo of me on the contact page, I am on the end in the Yellow. The website address is

We have been quite busy with the group lately and also I am still having lots of meetings at school the kids all break up by next Tuesday so then I can relax a bit more. I have almost finished knitting a little vest/tank top for Carly's baby, now we know its a boy I can make really boyish things, the problem is I have so many girls myself, my stash is nearly all pink and mauves and other girly colours so I will probably have to buy some more.LOL.

I have loads of things I want to start, Car;y also wants an furry blanket for the baby so I got some lovely blanket patterns and also a nice baby pattern book both from Sirdar. The pattern book has a lot of patterns suitable for boy's which makes a nice change. Carly is getting on well, her and her boyfriend Danny are moving into their own flat on August 1st they seem to be getting on well and at the moment all is looking good. I am also getting on really well with her we speak everyday and I can't remember the last time she moaned about anything, except maybe the weather.LOL.

All the other kids are doing well, I have taken some pictures of Darcey with the new camera and I have so far loaded them on the computer but not worked out how to get them here .!!

Joe is doing well, still boxing and playing football, the local boxing clubs have been asked to keep their eyes out for boys to put forward for the 2012 Olympics and Joe is definately in with a chance, although obviously it is very early days.

All the kids reports were good, especially Jade's who had a couple above averages.

I am still looking after my friends little boy and have decided to apply to be a registered childminder as I don't feel comfortable doing it without making it offical. My real hope is to one day become a foster parent, we did start the process before Darcey was born, but you have to wait until your youngest is 2 before you can apply again.

Well I think thats about it for now, I know it is a bit borring with no photo's but I didn't want to leave posting for too long and I have no idea when I will get round to sorting out the photos.

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