Friday, May 26, 2006

Almost Half Term and New Wool.

Well it is almost school holiday time again, as is typical I have one off sick so will probably have them all ill next week!
The weekend away went well, despite the fact that it rained the whole time we actually had a good weekend and have booked another one at the same place for the weekend of Amber's birthday. We used to go to Clacton a lot, but then it got a bit boring, so it was nice to go back again, and it is great for a weekend away for us as it is only an hour and a bit drive.
I managed to get some wool in a cheap book shop, only fake fur stuff, but I love it so it was ideal for me I got 12 balls for £9.99. I have taken a picture of each colour. I also got two balls of lime green fake fur in Basildon for 99p each. Then Yesterday down Wickford I popped into the LYS and ended up buying 3 balls of elle family Dk, 2 balls of elle Sensual, 2 balls of a lovely soft baby wool in lilac and finally 4 balls of elle splish splash cotton 4ply. I just loved the colours, I bought them for £2.99 each which I thought was ok for 100g balls, but when I searched the internet last night I found them being sold for £4.95 and £5.95 a ball, so I was quite chuffed. I have to say sorry to all those yarn snobs but I really can't afford to buy wool with cost £6 or £7 a go, I have thought about not feeding the kids, but I don't think I would get away with

Nothing big planned for the weekend Joe has a football tournament on Saturday afternoon, may take the girls along if it's not raining! Then Church Sunday as usual. I am hopeing to see Carly next week as she may be able to come up for the day, as I am not rushing back and forwards to school and can pick her up and take her home. I speak to her everyday, but it isn't the same as seeing her in the flesh, She is not that far away but sometimes is feels like miles. I just hope that things will settle down and she will change I love her to bits but sometimes she makes it a bit hard to like her.

I am going to try and get a bit more organised round here so that I can enjoy some more time to myself, not sure how yet, but I can dream can't I. I know a lot of people dread the school holidays as all the kids home drive you mad but I find I get a rest as I have so many commitment during school term, teaching knitting and cross stitch atan after school club, governor meetings and so on, its just nice not to HAVE to do anything.

Well I think thats it for now, I shall go and do some tidying up.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I thought I would post a picture of Darcey's bolero or rather the pieces of it that are finished. The photo is awful, but that is my camera not me ( I have also added a couple of pictures of Darcey, well she was there and it seemed rude not too:-). We are going to Clacton in a caravan for the weekend so hopefully she can wear it there. It is raining at present so it should be a great weekend. Oh well I can always take my knitting!!

I would also like to apologise for how bad the photos look loaded up but I haven't mastered how to fit the writing around the pictures yet.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Just a quick post, I am on the computer to do my online food shopping, (no pushing two trolley's for me), so I thought I would do a little update, I ripped the vest top out and threw the free needles away, the cotton is amongst the stash. I think the real problem I have is I am used to knitting for the kids so anything bigger just takes too much concentration, plus I get so many interruptions from the kids and hubby that I kept losing my place, the needles pinging about all over the place didn't help. Anyway I have started another bolero with funky fur edging for Darcey, as they are quick and easy. I am obviously not at a complicated knit stage of my life right now!LOL.
I don't have any pictures to show at the moment, I have such a rubbish camera, that it is a real pain taking them and loading them up otherwise I would be snapping a lot more.
I now have 3 things on the needles none of them too challenging so should get some finished pictures on soon. I must also remember to take a picture of Amber in her bolero. Well I supose I should get back to Tesco's.!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well my new wool arrived and I had forgotten just how thin 4ply is! I have started on the top, but my main problem is I thought it would be a good idea to use the free needles I got with the magazine as they are the right size and all, but they are a nightmare, they are so cheap the plastic is really stiff and they curly round and round I will try and take a picture tomorrow and post it just to show how awful they are. However, I had a real nightmare casting on and counting 171 stitches ( I knew I should loose some weight!!), so I just couldn't face ripping it out and starting again. I have had to put Darcey's gillet away for the moment as I need some contrast wool to sew it up as the WOW wool is just too bulky and amazingly in my stash I don't have one to match the colour I have used.
Not much else to report today went to Mother and Toddler this morning at the church, the had a govenors meeting straight after school, so I have done nothing at all today indoors and it shows! But all I want to do is KNIT!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Just popped on because I had to tell someone that I have just ordered some Rowan 4ply cotton, to knit a lovely little top I found in this months Simply Knitting, it is in a lovely lilac shade, I have never knitted anything like this before and at first I thought it would be too difficult, because it is lacey, but when I actually read the pattern I couldn't see anything I can't do, so I am going to give it a try, I haven't knitted anything for myself in ages. The only bad thing is I have to knit the biggest size! lol.
On wednesday night my son's football team had their presentation evening at the Outback Steak house, who are his team sponsers, which was a nice evening, he also got a trophy for best all round player. We need another shelf what with his boxing and football trophies. Anyway above is a picture of Joe getting his cup.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Well I am still knitting Darcey's bolero, but I have made a bit of a mistake and did the fronts for the jacket version so now it has pockets, oh well, they look quite good actually. I have been feeling a bit down lately, but I feel a lot better today, I am feeling refreshed, so maybe my knitting productivity may improve!!!lol.
We have just finished decorating two bedrooms so the house is now back to normal which is certainly good news, also Darcey in now in her own room so I can get some sleep at night. Above Is a picture of Joe and Darcey in his newly decorated bedroom.