Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I finished the little sundress yesterday, so here are some pictures, Gracie wouldn't keep still so these were the best I could

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Darcey finally agreed to have some pictures taken last night, so I can now show my ruffle skirt, I took some pictures of her wearing the Monica as well as I plan for her to wear it as a whole outfit to a party at the weekend.

I am still plodding along with the little sundress, a cardigan and a lace scarf, but have also ear marked plenty more projects.

I received my Ravelry t shirt yesterday, I bought the disagree(1) as I felt I was more of a disagree than an agree Seriously though some of the posts do get a bit nasty. What I really want is a tote bag, apparantly they will be getting some more in soon.!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I can't stress this strongly enough, I just can't seem to stop, I have way too much, I am going to start to starve the kids soon, as I will run out of money to buy food, ( that isn't strictly true, but I am spending way too much).

On a less worrying note I have finished Darcey's ruffle skirt, from Barefoot knits,( which is the best knitting book in the world, In my opinion. For some reason Darcey has decided to refuse to model it so for now I have no pictures as Proof.
I have started The Golden Rose sundress which I found on Ravelry which is lovely and the lace at the bottom is great. I am knitting it in Debbie Bliss Cotton/Cashmere, which is the wrong weight but it seems to be ok so far, time will

Amber had her yearly review at the diabetic clinic today so it was hospital all afternoon, which I hate, although we did get through it in record time, everything is so good, there is nothing for them to say really. We

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I made this bolero for Gracie as we had a christening to go to and I needed something to go with her outfit.
Had a hectic time last week out nearly everyday so I am hopeing for a quieter time this week, mind you it is Amber's birthday Wednesday so not totally
I have two things on the go at the moment, a cardigan and matching hat for Gracie and a lace scarf for me, or if not me maybe a teachers present,depends on how it turns out.! I must add that when I say lace it is just a basic pattern actually the pattern is called Easy Lace Pattern, needless to say I found the pattern on Ravelry.