Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just a quick update, Gracie Louisa Diane, was born on December 22nd at I haven't got much time but it was a very eventful birth and I ended up delivering her breech, a foot presentation to be exact.!!!! Certainly an experience. Only one rubbish photo at the moment, hopefully some better ones to follow soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well I am still around and haven't had the baby yet, I am almost 37 weeks and at the moment the baby is in the right position but head hasn't engaged yet. I am so fat and fed up it is untrue, I can hardly walk and everything hurts, oh isn't it fun having a
Joe and Darcey's birthdays both went well, just low key,I am not up to much else, I had to struggle through two meals out, which normally I love, but I couldn't really appreciate this time.
I have actually done a lot of knitting, but taken no photos, I have finished a little hoodie with patons whisper and dk for the new baby, plus a jacket for Darcey, and a scarf for Carly I am now knitting a scarf for Harrison my grandson, I am not sure If I mentioned that Carly is expecting another baby in April and it is to be another boy. I just can't escape baby knitting can I.
Well not doing much else it is just a waiting game, I just hope I don't go full time or over for the first time ever as I think I will explode, as my actual due date is January 9th.
Hopefully my next post will have baby pictures.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Firstly I have finished 2 pairs of mittens, one hat and a jacket for Darcey, but no pics yet.
I am a bit fed up today, went to see the consultant today and it turns out the baby is in a transverse position, which basically means sidewise this apparantly is not good if it stays this way as it is hard to deliver a baby
I have to go back in two weeks for more scans and checks, the thing that is worrying me is they said it can be dangerous for me to go in to labour, but I have my babies early 37 or 38 weeks as a rule, and very quickly 20 mins for Darcey, about an hour all the rest, and when I go back I will be 36 weeks. I am asssuming when I go back if it hasn't moved they may suggest a c section. Oh well, I thought that it was all going too easy.
To top it all my blood pressure had gone up as well, This is definately the last one, I am too old for all this.
I also have Joe and Darcey's birthdays in December, I actually go for the scan on Darcey's birthday, so as you can imagine things are a bit manic round here and something is telling me I probably need to It really is times like this that it hit homes how much you miss having your mum around just to look after you, even at my age, I really miss her right now.
Hope I haven't depressed anyone, I am sure I will cope I always

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here is something else I have finished they are trousers and mittens for the new baby, in Krafty Koalas dk I think it is BFL, I am really into oranges and yellows at the moment.
I have also added some pictures of my latest ebay purchases I think you can see my favourite colours shining They are all DK the companies were Angels and Elephants, The Natural dye stuido and Elvincraft in that order.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is going to be quite a picture heavy post, I have two finished items to show both are for the new baby in 0-3 months, one is knit with elle chunky and the other funky fur and elle baby dk. I also have some photos of recent purchases they have come from hipknits, the natural dye studio(on ebay),the cherry tree hill stuff is from The Woolly Workshop and lastly I bought some from etsy. I haven't gone in too much detail here as I will put all the info on my ravelry account and I am too lazy to go through it all

Friday, October 19, 2007

I have just joined up with ravelry I got my invite a while ago but have had trouble getting on, I just have to work out how to put everything else on it My name is mandymosey, as someone already had knitting mummy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I have actually done quite a bit of knitting just not taken any photo's at present. I have finished a hat and jacket for the new baby, and I am also almost finished with a jacket for Darcey it is one I have knitted before called Smitten. I will photo them and detail the yarn ect very soon.
The pregnancy is still plodding along I am finding it very tiring I have a big bump already I am not sure if I will be able to carry on walking around for another 11 or 12 weeks.LOL.
Life is still busy I had intended to give up a few of my responsibilities outside the home, but as ever that hasn't happened as there is never anybody else to take your place.
Joe has had two boxing bouts recently and won them both, he's still doing really well with his boxing and has now won 7 out of 8 fights and the only one he lost was the championships final last year. Hubby and I don't seem to ever be indoors at the same time if he is in I am at a meeting somewhere and If I am in he is out somewhere connected with boxing. Can't decide if this is a good thing or
Darcey is well settled in Playschool now she loves it and I am looking forward to after Christmas when she can go 3 times a week she still doesn't sleep at night, something else which doesn't go particularly well with pregnancy insomnia.
I have still been adding to my stash, although I really do need to stop as there is no more room, but when has that stopped a knitter.!! I am also still addicted to buying patterns which I know I will never ever knit but I love looking at them and dreaming, sad or what.
I have to help out at school this morning with swimming lessons, I know I just said I am trying to cut down, but the problem is Amber, because of her diabetes I like to help out with her class as much as possible, I thing I will have to give it up next month though as getting on and off the coach and bending down to help with wet socks is killing me, anyway I have to leave soon so I am going to try and have a quick rest before I go, hopefully I will have some photos next time as I know picture less blogs can be real boring.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Right well I have done some knitting, I have knitted a hat and mittens for a baby shower being held at church tonight, I have never been to a babyshower as it isn't really something that is done in the UK, although I believe it is starting to catch on. I knitted them in white double knit as Sue who is expecting doesn't want to know the sex of the baby.

Mind you I say I am going I hope to be, but I have been having a few probs with blurred vision and spots before the eyes, so I am waiting for a midwife to turn up and check my blood pressure. I must admit I am finding this pregnancy a lot harder no real problems as such, I just feel physically drained all the time, I know the obvious reasons, I am older, overweight and I still have the other kids to deal with. I think I may be going through the old hormone stage as well as I feel very down and miserable, certainly not depressed though, just fed up!!

On a brighter note Amber has settled well in Junior school, and they are coping well with her diabetes, also Darcey has started playschool and she loves it from day one she just went in and doesn't want to come

Yesteday was Hubby's 40th but we really didn't do anything about it,He is also very down at the moment as he is snowed under with work and also organising a boxing show so we have decided to postpone celebrating until a later date.

I am still quite busy, but have decided I may have to give up a few governor duties at the schools for the time being as I just can't seem to keep up with it all just getting to and from school wears me out.

I am knitting a little jacket and hat for the new baby at the moment, and also a jumper for Darcey, I find I keep jumping from project to project at the moment, something else to blame the hormones for.

Well thats about it, hope to have some pictures next time.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Right a couple of pictures, the girls are shown at our holiday home, I didn't actually take that many pictures as it was a very restful holiday and we didn't really do a lot. I also include some pictures of the hats I made on holiday, I have also made another since but have already given it to my friend Lindsay for her baby Esther.

On the pregnancy front things are going pretty well I had my second scan on wednesday and everything is fine, we also discovered it is to be another girl!!
Not that I mind too much I have so much wool in girl colours it will save me a fortune. Hubby was a bit disappointed but he is getting used to the idea gradually. I can't believe I will have five daughters and one son!!!!
Well thats all for now, back to school next week so things will change around here again.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Just a quick visit for anyone who still visits here, I have just come back from a week in Somerset and once I am organised and have my pictures sorted I will do a nice long post with pictures, I knitted two hats while away so there will be some knitting eye candy as well.
Bye for now

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well I am now feeling slightly better, haven't been sick for about 3 days, although I am still very tired, mind you it is the end of term so endless sports days, leaving assemblies and Governor meetings to attend and all of that doesn't include all the things that have been going on at

I am pleased to report that I actually picked up my needles for the first time yesterday, I have started a bolero for Darcey I have made a couple of these before, I thought I would start something quick and simple at first. No pictures at the moment I am just pleased to feel up to posting and knitting.

Not a very long post again I am afraid, but hopefully soom I will have some items to show.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is a very quick update, just in case anybody still reads my blog, I am OK, still feeling very sick and tired hence not writing or doing anything except existing. I have my 13 weeks scan this coming Monday which is a nice milestone to check all is OK.
I haven't knitted since I became pregnant just feel too ill!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully things will change soon, I have started thinking about knitting again, so it must be a good sign.
Bye for now

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I haven't posted for a while for two reasons really I have been very busy, my new church has a lot going on and I have been to a ladies evening, mums evening, prayer group, coffee morning, bible classes. I have also been busy at the schools making governor visits and going to meetings.
The other reason is I have felt very sick and if you scroll to the bottom of my blog and see the ticker there you will see that I am pregnant again!!!!! It is still early days, but I thought I would post about it anyway. Yes it was a suprise, I was sure I was too OLD.

On the knitting front I have finished Jades boleo, and almost done Amber's but to be honest I feel sick 24/7 so I haven't really had the strength or will to do much knitting.

Well I have to go now as dinner is burning, and for a change I feel sick.LOL.
God bless.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I have had a really busy week, firstly last Sunday I went to a new church, took Jade and Amber along and we had a really good time, The church is literally a five minute walk from my house, the girls had been going Girls Brigade there for a while but I never chose to go to it as it seemed a bit dull and lifeless, anyway I was wrong it is great I also went to a bible class wednesday night which was also really good. They have a mother and toddler club just started up as well so things are looking very promising I think I have found my new place of worship.

On Thursday I went on a school trip with Ambers school, we went to St Pauls Cathedral in London and the London Fire brigade museum, both of which were great but the whole thing was so tireing I still feel exhausted. It is a good job Monday is a bank

I have nearly finished the little bolero for Jade.

I also have some other news,a bit shocking actually, but I feels its a bit early to say too much just yet. I am hoping to finish Jade's top over the next couple of days a get a picture on.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Right the time has come for a bit of an update, I have been doing some knitting!! and also some photos have been taken.
I have finished a jumper with a roll neck in Tufty for Jade, I wasn't too sure about it as I was knitting it but I think it actually turned out quite well. I also have 4 projects on the go, the pictures as ever will be in any There are pics of the patterns I am knitting,I am doing the little cardigan with the roll around the bottom in Jaeger Baby Merino double knit, also for Darcey I am doing a little cardigan in 4ply cotton, for that I am using elle splish splash, 100% cotton, for Jade and Amber I am knitting the little boleros from the Sirdar soft cotton book, but I am using Debbie Bliss cotton Cashmere for one and RYC luxury cotton double knit for the other, both of which are lovely to use.
There is also a picture of the 3 little uns as they won't let me take a picture without having one of all of them.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I don't like to post too many of these but I have to say I found this one to be extremely acurate.I really have considered all those jobs at sometime in my life. This is so

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here are a couple of photos of our Easter Holidays in the garden. Just the youngest three were available. Normally we go away for Easter this year we didn't and the weather has been great.!!!!!!!!!!
Darcey is wearing the little dress I knitted last year from Zoe Mellors book. At least it proves they do wear what I

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just a quick update really, nothing much has happened , I have been sooo ill, I thought my cold and cough had cleared up but they actually have got worse, I feel like I am under a fog all the time, fortunately hubby has this week off so he has helped out a lot. I know I am feeling really rough as I haven't even wanted to knit!!!!

With those words being said I obviously haven't done much knitting, I have started a hooded jacket for Darcey with Jaeger baby wool, which is coming along OK. I am still going through a stage where I can't seem to decide what to knit next. When I first used to knit a lot in my twenties I did fair isle, lace patterns the lot, but now I feel too nervous to attempt anything out of my comfort zone, maybe it's my

Easter is almost upon us, I can't believe how fast this year is going.
Just before the holidays broke up I found out that the Headteacher at the junior school my children use, and one which I am also a Parent Governor at, is leaving this has caused me to think deeply about whether I still want my children to attend this school, I have decided that a smaller Church School would be far better, especially with Amber and her diabetes. The school Amber is at now, is great but unfortunately is an Infant school only, so I am now having to look around at other schools, I have found one just outside my hometown, so I will take a look at it after the Easter holidays, I have already spoke to the head there and there MAY be spaces for my girls. This feels like a real big decision and I just wanted to write it all down. I hope I just make the right decision.

I just remembered on a knitting note that I recently bought some hand painted yarn from Krafty Koala ,, please take a look as she has some lovely yarn there at a very good price.

Well I think that's about it, I hope everyone has a good Easter.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Right I have a few pictures to post, I did manage to finish Amber's red bolero, but didn't take any picture! I have finished a pair of trousers for Darcey and only have a sleeve left of Jades jumper. I have had a bad cold for the last week and yesterday was the first day I actually felt ok.
The other pictures are of Amber on the Great Fire of London day they all had to dress up as if they were from the 17th century I think She looks
I am finding it really hard to decide what to knit next, I have enjoyed knitting two things at once, I supose I should be thinking of spring or summer items now as the weather should be changing soon. I think I will have to go through the stash and patterns and see what I can come up with, I fancy doing something in 4ply cotton as I have quite a bit of that, we shall see.
I am so looking forward to the next two weeks Easter holidays, no rushing around,pure bliss!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well today is my birthday, and I have £150 and I am so going to spend it on wool or yarn I don't care what you call it.!!

I am actually quite stressed as far as knitting goes as Amber has to wear red to school on Friday, as it is Comic Relief day, so I decided that as she doesn't actually have anything decent to wear in red I would knit her a little bolero in red Eskimo wool, I decided this last thursday thinking a week and one day would be plenty of time, but as is typical I can't seem to knit without making mistakes I have redone one front and one sleeve already I have a sleeve and a front left, and I seem to need to be out everyday and evening, and so on a day when I should be able to do as I please and enjoy myself I have to knit like a lunatic to get the thing Oh well, it could be worse at least I HAVE to knit.

Not much else happening, I had a meeting at Ambers school to discuss the future of schools and how they are run for a big research project going on at Cambridge University, the website is it is very important and could affect how schools are run and children are taught in the future,and can you believe it I was the only parent that turned up, so it was just the Headteacher and myself discussing the future of Education.!!! I really do wonder what some parents think, do they not want any responsibility for their kids education or what!!

Well thats about it no pictures at mo, I am going to try and enjoy being 41.
God bless.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Just a quick update, nothing much has happened here in truth. I have ground to a halt with all my knitting, the pink baby blanket turned into a nightmare, I didn't notice,( don't ask how!!), that I had dropped about 10 stitches at the end of one row so about 6 rows later I realised what had happened and that fur stuff is impossible to pick up once you drop it, so I have thrown it in a bag for now.

I am not feeling too good today, head and neck ache so I am not doing a great deal was going to meet Carly today but I have taken a rain check until I feel a bit better.

I have had 3 school governor meetings this week and I haven't seemed to have a moment to myself, Hubby and Joe are off to a boxing show tonight so hopefully I will be able to sit and knit once all the girls are in bed. I can dream, can't I?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I saw these two pictures on other blogs and I thought they were lovely , so that is the only reason they are on here . I love paintings like these they make me feel all emotional although I don't really know why.
I am very busy knitting at the moment I have three things on the go , a funky fur pink baby blanket, which I started a while ago, for a friend of Carly's, I am spending the day with Carly friday so I would like it to have it finished by then, we shall see!, next I am knitting a jumper for Jade in Tufty I have done the back and one sleeve and lastly another pair of trousers for Darcey, I have replaced the plume this time for Wendy Cosmic, I apologise to any yarn snobs who may have passed by but they will look lovely and will last my washing
Not much else happening at the moment, Joe has a football trial with Southend United on Saturday which should be interesting. Oh and also he has got himself a paper round and so far he has been doing really well getting up at 6am every morning so far without complaining.
Hubby's internet business is doing well, we sell boxing clothes and equipment and it has really taken off, in case anyone is interested this is the web address.
Thats all for now.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here are some photo's of Amber modelling her new cardigan, and one of it on it's own. For some reason she wasn't in a very happy mood, although she does like the cardigan,
This was knitted using Sidar Denim ultra which used 8 and 10mm needles a very easy and quick knit.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hi, here are a couple of snow pictures from last Thursday when school was cancelled due to snow stopping the teachers getting to school, the kids weren't too upset. Don't ask me why Jade has her hat perched on the top her head like that she looks really weird.

I have finished Amber's cardigan, just need to put the buttons on and take some pics and have also started a jumper for Jade in Tufty.

I am surviving the school holidays so far, all went to dentist today for check and everybody was fine and no work needed doing for anyone. I have been buying yarn on ebay like nobody's business, I think I seriously have an addiction, maybe I should join some sort of support group.
I am also going through a stage of wanting another baby, and that is possibly more serious than the yarn problem.LOL.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well I took some lovely pictures, or so I thought, of Darcey wearing the trouser suit but it turns out I took video's instead, and I have no idea how to load them on here, so I shall have to try again.

Had a busy time as usual last friday I met up with Carly in Grays, as it was her birthday on Saturday, she was 19, that was a nice day, had lunch and spent money on her which she loves. The baby Harrison is such an angel, none of mine have ever been that good! I took some pic's of him on my phone, but I can't work out how to load them on to the computer!! My relationship with Carly has always been a strange one, she tends to only contact me when she wants something, but I will say she is a fantastic mum and it doing a great job and coping so well with Harrison.

I have signed up for an evening class starting in April, it is called textiles, or something like that, but basically it is dressmaking for beginners. I did it at school and was quite good passed my exam and But I haven't done any since and I would love to make the girls some pretty party frocks, so I thought I would give it a go, it is for 10 weeks, and it is at my old senior school, so it will also be nostalgic. I am really looking forward to that and hopefully I will have some things to show on here.

Ambers diabetes has been up and down lately, I have upped her insulin as she has definately grown and hopefully that will calm things down again.
Not a lot happening with the other kids, just the usual household drama's.

I am in my final couple of weeks of looking after my friends little boy, so I have to go and pick him up from playschool soon. It is half term next week so should get more knitting time and not constantly have to shoot here and there.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have finished Darcey's set so I thought I would post a quick pic, I hope to get a picture of her wearing them sometime, but I thought this would do for now.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Right well no knitting photo's as yet, but a couple of others one is the snow outside our bedroom window, which is really quite sad as there isn't much at all, then a couple of pictures of Darcey, trying to be a fairy, but I am not sure she is pulling it off.

Have done a fair bit of Darcey's set, hope to finish this weekend. I have discovered I am addicted to buying knitting patterns, I am definately buying ones now that I know I will never use, oh well it is slightly cheaper than yarn!

Had a bad morning Jade has swimming lessons on a friday and she hates it so we had tears and tantrums and then Joe decided he couldn't get out of bed, I thought I was never going to get out the door, but finally we did and then when we get to Amber's school I realise I had forgotten it was wear Trainers to school day, Oh well she wasn't the only one in shoes so I didn't feel so bad.LOL.

I have just done loads of washing, as usual, so I think I might have a quick knit, I shall ignore the ironing, hoovering and dusting, as usual!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another pretty ok weekend and week, It was Jades's 8th birthday on Friday, so I let her stay home which is really unlike me, but she had swimming that day and she really hates it and I feel it is so mean to make someone do something they really hate on their birthday. On Saturday hubby me and the kids all went to Lakeside shopping centre for Jade to spend her birthday money all £130, we also had to get Joe a new pair of School shoes which was the only reason he came out with us all. Jade had a great time and as her birthday treat meal she chose Macdonalds, of all the places she could have chosen!! Oh well, it was what she wanted. For some reason I never seem to remember my camera lately so still no pics.
Knitting is going ok I have finished the back of the jumper which matches the bottoms I have already made for Darcey, I am actually really pleased with them I know they are pretty basic but I had to make a few changes to the pattern to get them the correct size so I am pretty pleased they turned out ok.
I have just been surfing the net for free cross stitch patterns for the kids to use in my class at the school and I found some great ones on
she also has some good knitting patterns as well.
Anyway thats it for now, I see I didn't get many comments again, so I can only assume the people are coming to this blog by accident.LOL.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I actually had quite a good weekend, Saturday I knitted most of the day, in between doing the general jobs around the house that have to be done every day, and it was nice I really enjoyed myself I am knitting a top and trousers set for Darcey and I got all of the trousers knitted and sunday night I started on the top, wouldn't it be great If everyday was like that. It was actually the anniversary of my mum's death on sunday so really it should have been a bad weekend, but that was why I chose to do something I really enjoyed rather than just getting on with borring old life, sort of as a tribute saying I am going to make the most of today, I don't know if that makes sense, it does to me!

I have noticed on other blogs that last week was delurking week, I didn't bother putting a notice up as I don't think I get many readers anyway, but If by any chance anyone does read this I would love for them to say hello, it is so sad getting 0 comments all the time.LOL.

I have been very poor with the photo's I have a new phone also now, an LG chocolate pink, which I love, I am hoping to work out how to get pictures on here from there as well, but as they say, don't hold your breath?

Well that's about it for now. See you soon.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well its 2007 but to tell the truth I don't feel any of that get up and go that usually comes with a new year and all the rest of it. I just can't seem to get myself motivated about anything. I am really missing my mum at the moment, I had been told by people it gets worse not better, and I think they may have been right it will be 4 years on January 14th since she died. I know there is no cure for how you feel when someone you really need and love die's but just at the moment it seems extra tough to deal with.

Anyway enough of the depressing stuff I have no pictures to show but should have soon, I am also finding it hard to choose what projects to do, but I will get myself organised soon. Hubby gave me money for christmas so I bought a knitting bag and needle roll in John Lewis at Bluewater on New Years Day, and also a couple of patterns, ( as if I didn't have enough). I have also ordered some odd balls of yarn here and there off of internet sellers, which I will show when they arrive.

Not much else to report, the kids all went back to school this week so things are begining to return to normal. I am going to be a Governor at Ambers school as well now so that should bring some interesting stuff my way. I am also only looking after my friends little boy until Feb then I want to do something!! Maybe some studying or Charity work, we shall see.

Anyway a belated Happy New Year.