Sunday, September 05, 2010

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted, I blame Twitter and Ravelry I seem to spend any free computer time I get on those sites and that doesn't include the phone app's lol.

I have a few spare moments before I get everyone up for church so I thought I would pop on and do a quick update. Well we have had the school summer holidays and we all survived pretty much intact. Joe left school in June and is now at Hairdressing College which is carrying on what he did at school, he did ok in his GCSE's passed 4 of them including the Hairdressing stuff which is technically equivilent to 3 GCSE's. Considering he was pretty much suspended or isolated for most of year 11 he actually did pretty good!!!

Jade started senior school last week and is quite keen at the moment.

I now have 3 schools a playschool and occasionally a college to drop kids off to so as you can imagine mornings and mid afternoons are not good times for me. As I mentioned I am now back to doing Playschool runs as Gracie starts this week. I am pleased about that as I worked out I have been having kids home and taking the to school for 17 years now and I really could do with a couple of mornings a week to

We had a good holiday we went to Hopton Nr Great Yarmouth in a caravan, but this year we took Carly, Jamie and the kids as well and we had a great time. Although obviously it rained the whole time!!

On the knitting front things are going really well I have had a few finished items and I have 4 things on the needles but all of those are well on the way and two are practically finished. I have a shawlette that I am knitting for Jade in sock yarn which is lovely and I only have about 10 or 15 rows to go, I also have the mini me skirt from Barefoot Knits although it is not in the book but a seperate pattern I bought from their site a while ago, I have done the front so only the back to go. Next I have the TIA cardigan from an edition of Let's Knit and lastly a striped jumper which is also from Lets knit but a supplement that came with the magazine, all of these are being knit for Gracie.

Right well I shall post some pics of my finished objects as I am going back to June I shall try and remember which ones I have done.

Well I think that is it for now I hope to post a bit quicker next time.