Thursday, August 31, 2006

Right well I have finished Ambers bolero, It is ok, she loves it but to tell the truth my picking up of stitches is poor and I need a lot more practice I ended up with too few stitches and it is pulling a bit tight. I have also included a photo of Carly's baby blanket which Amber is also modeling!! there is also a picture of me with blanket, Amber took it so I had to promise to put it on here!!!
I have also knitted a little top in Tufty wool for Jade but I have to finish sewing that up today. I have started a cardigan for Darcey funky fur and DK. I have decided my skills are not up to anything more adventurous at the moment, this was my first picot stitch,and I have just realised I have been doing yfw wrong all this time.LOL.

I had been thinking about not bothering posting anymore as my knitting is pretty basic but then I thought about it and really it doesn't really matter how ambitious you are with your knitting as long as you enjoy it and hopefully as I gradually improve this will be a way for me to look back and say look how much better I have got, well hopefully anyway.

I also would like to point out that I don't know how I got that aviator at the top of my blog but that also means I don't know how to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!

Well we are in the final week of the school holidays so soon it will be back to routine and rush rush rush. I think I will go and sew up Jades top, or maybe I should tidy up and stop the kids fighting first, Nah, knitting it is.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a quick post as things are way busy round here, I got a new book Mason Dixon Knitting and I love it I don't know why I waited so long to buy it. To be honest I didn't know if I really fancied it but had read a lot of praise for it on other blogs and decided to go for it and I am so glad I did, it's great.
The school holidays are flying by I am doing the uniform shopping and it is driving me mad.
Ambers cardigan is on the last sleeve so soon there will be pictures to show.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well I have finished the baby blanket and a photo will be on soon. I am still plodding on with the cotton cardy, but I have also set aside 4 projects I want to get on with and I have started the first which is a bolero type jacket for Amber, in Eskimo so not very sophisticated but as I have said many times the kids love it and my main aim is to knit something they love to wear, I also let them go through my pattern books and pick which ones they want and then through the stash to pick colours.

On other news we have all been to the opticians this week Amber has to wear glasses for close work so we have got her a lovely little pink pair they really suit her. We also all had a 24 hour bug , it went from each one of us, one at a time, it was not a fun time at all.

Jade, Amber and myself also fit in a long overdue trip to the hairdressers and have all had our hair chopped off, Amber and me have had chin length bobs and Jades is shoulder length, I am so glad it is done as we were all in real need of a sort out.

I also got a bargain wool purchase I found a very reasonably priced website and they are doing a special on sirdar's Tufty wool 99p per ball, it is being discontinued, rather than the normal £2.70 per ball, so I bought 22 balls, 11 in a cerise and 11 in lilac, the postage is also free. There website is I first bought something off them on ebay, they are definately cheaper than most other sites I have visited.

I am now going to try and getting some knitting done, after I have read a few other blogs!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Right I have actually managed to load some photos on and I have had an attempt at putting them on here. The photo's aren't particularly good but I am still very much a novice in this department. I have taken a photo of Darcey's cardy so far and the baby blanket so far. Also took another picture of the pattern although the flash did catch it a bit. As you can see I haven't worked out how to fit the photo's around the text, I have tried every option right, left, centre and none, but still they don't go where I want them too!!

I know that my projects aren't very exciting or difficult, I have seen some creations on other blogs that take your breath away, but still I hope anyone who actually looks at my blog doesn't mind looking at my amateur little pieces.

Not much else going on round here at the moment except that Jade and Amber both started knitting yesterday and they are really enjoying it , I tried a couple of times before to get them going, Jade comes to the class I teach at school, but they both preferred the cross titch but they just asked off their own back to knit and they are doing ok. Especially Jade she is just getting on with it, Amber needs a bit more help but she is a year younger. Carly never took to it at all so I have high hopes for these two, Joe can do it if he wants too (not that he does!) so just Darcey to go.LOL.

Now I know how to get these pictures on I may take a few more, but don't hold your breath.