Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I haven't really got that much to report but I don't like leaving too long between posts, so I am doing what the title says giving a quick update. I finished both girls little fluffy tops and they have worn them many times. I have just got a new digital camera , and once I get a bit of spare time (as if!!!) I will sort out how to use it and then get some pictures taken.
Our weekend away was great Amber had a lovely birthday and the weather was great, the only bad bit was on the way home Amber's blood sugar levels fell very low and she started to have a mild fit, it is the first time we have experienced this and we were really worried, we phoned for an ambulance, but luckly by the time it came we had everything under control. She is fine now and things have been pretty stable since.
I have started knitting a lovely cardigan for Darcey in splish splash elle 4ply cotton, it is really pretty with a lovely frilly pattern round the bottom, it starts with almost 300 stitches.
The cotton is so soft and lovely, I have a picture of it in one of my previous posts but the picture doesn't do justice to the colour. I hope to add a picture of work in progress soon, I may also link to a picture of the pattern if I can find one, if not I will just take a
Well as I said this is just a quick update, as ever I am busy busy busy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I have been very busy knitting so haven't posted lately, Jade and Amber decided they both wanted a new top to wear for Ambers birthday this sunday. I have finished Jade's it took just over a week and now I am doing Ambers the front is done just the back to go, they are sleeveless tops in funky fur. I am pleased with them, I have done Ambers in the smaller size and it is a lot smaller than Jades, but I am going to stick with it and see how it turns out. We are off to the caravan at Clacton again this weekend so I am packing in between knitting. I also finished Darcey's bolero. I am taking the digital camera this weekend and hope to get some pictures of all latest knit wear!!
Hopefully the weather will be better this time, it is lovely and sunny at present and they say it should stay so you never know. I also bought a load more wool and patterns this week, It was all elle, or stylecraft stuff again. Our local shop only really sells these brands at present.
My main problem at the moment is I have loads of things I want to knit for the girls but they keep
On a general front things are going fine, Ambers diabetes is going ok, she is low quite a lot at present but the warm weather does that so at least we know what causes it.
All the other kids are plodding along nicely, oldest daughter Carly, is in the process of sorting herself out a flat with her boyfriend so things are looking good there at present, but I never like to tempt fate as far as Carly is concerned.
Had a nice church service sunday evening for Pentecost although Jade did managed to fall asleep. I shall miss going this week but it is nice to get away. My hubby had a tooth out last Friday and it was quite a nasty one, he had to have stitches. I feel sorry for him, but he is still moaning a week later, what is it with men.
Well thats all for now, must get back to Amber's top.