Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just a quick update, Gracie Louisa Diane, was born on December 22nd at I haven't got much time but it was a very eventful birth and I ended up delivering her breech, a foot presentation to be exact.!!!! Certainly an experience. Only one rubbish photo at the moment, hopefully some better ones to follow soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well I am still around and haven't had the baby yet, I am almost 37 weeks and at the moment the baby is in the right position but head hasn't engaged yet. I am so fat and fed up it is untrue, I can hardly walk and everything hurts, oh isn't it fun having a
Joe and Darcey's birthdays both went well, just low key,I am not up to much else, I had to struggle through two meals out, which normally I love, but I couldn't really appreciate this time.
I have actually done a lot of knitting, but taken no photos, I have finished a little hoodie with patons whisper and dk for the new baby, plus a jacket for Darcey, and a scarf for Carly I am now knitting a scarf for Harrison my grandson, I am not sure If I mentioned that Carly is expecting another baby in April and it is to be another boy. I just can't escape baby knitting can I.
Well not doing much else it is just a waiting game, I just hope I don't go full time or over for the first time ever as I think I will explode, as my actual due date is January 9th.
Hopefully my next post will have baby pictures.