Saturday, December 31, 2005

I have managed to put some photos on here they are pretty poor but it is the best I can do, I definately must get a new camera, they are of Jade wearing her jumper, although she wouldn't take the one she was wearing off so she looks a little weird. Also is another picture of same jumper and the one I knitted for Hubby's great niece.

As you can see I haven't mastered the art of putting them on the page so they look all spaced out nicely and neat, but to tell the truth it has taken me so long to get this far I am just going to go with them like this and next time I will honestly try and make more of an effort!!!! I also have to admit that the two furry tops look like they have been knitted in a radiation factory.L.O.L

Friday, December 30, 2005

Almost The End of The Year.
Well first I will admit there are still no photo's but I am not making any more excuses they will arrive eventually, and boy how exciting it will be when they do!!
New Year is a bit of a funny time for me, I lost my mum three years ago this January, and I have found since then that around new year seems to be one of my 'bad times', last year I had just had a baby and my eldest had decided to disappear for a few days and not answer her phone, so understandably I was very stressed that year, but this year I still feel very down, I always feel at the beginning of the year as If I should be doing something important making plans that make my life have meaning. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but it is just how I feel.

On the knitting front, I have finished my great niece's cardigan, and just need to post it, and I have started a little bolero for Darcey (my very yougest) it is really sweet with funky fur around the edges , it is also very quick and easy to knit, I shall probably do all three of the little ones, one, maybe even a couple.

On the weather front, it has been snowing this morning which is nice as we don't have anywhere to go. My son was meant to be going away with his friend and his family for New Year but he phoned earlier to say they are on their way back as the weather is too bad and they can't make it. I am half relieved because I wasn't totally happy with him being away without us anyway, what with my New Year problem and all!!!

At the moment I am making plans for a big redecorate, since my eldest daughter moved out her room has been used as a junk room, but we have decided now the baby is a Year she needs her own room (she is still with us at present) so we are moving my son into Carly's old room the two girls will stay togeher where they are and Darcey will go into Joes. So it means new furniture and decorating at least two rooms, all with no money LOL. I did feel a bit funny about using Carly's old room but she assured me she couldn't see herself ever coming home permantely, and I would fit her in somehow if I had to.

Well I doubt I will post again before New Years so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ANYONE WHO MAYBE READING THIS!.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Not Long Now.

First I must apolgise that I still have no photo's on, I am waiting for hubby to get a spare minute to help me sort it out, not long now!!
I finished Jade's jumper and she has worn it a couple of times once to the baby's 1st birthday party and secondly to the Girls Brigade Christmas show at church. I am not knitting Amber one at present as when she saw Jade wearing her's she said I don't want one of them! In case you are wondering YES I did take it personally.
I have been asked by hubby's neice to knit a fluffy cardigan for her baby, so I am trying to get that finished by Boxing day as that is when we next see her. Back and one front done so far, it is only 3-6months so I should be able to do it. It is a lovely sky blue in eskimo, very pretty colour indeed.

I think we are all set for xmas now, went down town this morning to get a few last food bits and it was packed solid, I really hate it haveing to search for parking spaces and wait in line for ever to pay in the shops, it reminded me why I do most my shopping on the internet.

I have just remembered that my oldest has asked me to knit a bolero or shrug for her, I have a lovely pattern for that so I need to get some wool for that, I was suprised as she doesn't normally ask for hand made although I did do her a scarf recently. She is 18 in feb, so I may try and get it done by then, I can't see me getting it done before, but you never know. You never know I may even get some pictures on by then. LOL.

Friday, December 09, 2005

We're All Going To The Zoo Tomorrow

Well not all of us exactly just me and Jade and Amber, Jade goes to the local Girls Brigade and they are doing a trip to the Zoo and I wasn't keen on letting her go on her own so I decided to go along and take Amber as well. So daddy is being left with baby, the older two don't need looking after. It is the baby's 1st birthday on Sunday, so I could really have done with being at home Saturday getting prepared, but the girls are so excited about going. Father Christmas is going to be there and they will do some fun activities so it should be a fun day out.

On the knitting front I have 95% finished Jade's jumper I just have to sew up the last side, then hopefully some time tomorrow or Sunday night I will be able to put up some pictures. I have the digital camera just have to work out how to get the pictures on here!!

On the homeschooling front I handed Amber's letter in Monday, it was quite difficult and I was really apprehensive about doing it, although I know deep down it is for the best, her form teacher seemed genuinely upset and probably felt a bit hurt that I felt she had failed, but in truth I have been happy with her it is just the whole school that I feel let down by ( but that is another story).

Well it is getting late so I supose I had better get everything sorted for tomorrow as I have sandwiches to make and so on.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Well I still haven't got a digital camera yet, so my blog is still without pictures. I thought I better do some more writing on here now I have started it. Life is pretty ok, I am childminding for a friend today so things are very hectic around here, so I really don't know why I decided to try and doing some writing today!!

I have decided to homeschool Amber my second youngest child and will be offically taking her out of school on Monday, I am both excited and terrified about the whole thing. We are doing it intially because of her diabetes and the lack of help from her school but also because I am really up for the whole thing and think it will really benefit her.

On the knitting front I am knitting Jade and Amber(children # 3 & 4) tops in Eskimo Icicle, which will both hopefully be for Christmas day. Jade has chosen lemon, because of her love for Belle, and Amber pink , because of Aurora, they are both seriously Disney Princess mad.

I have so much 'furry' wool now my hubby thinks I am planning on opening a shop, I know it is considered a bit tacky to like such wool but I can't help it I am addicted.

I am now finally starting to sort out my chrissie pressies and with 5 kids that is no picnic, plus two of them have birthdays in December as well!!