Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well I have finished the baby blanket and a photo will be on soon. I am still plodding on with the cotton cardy, but I have also set aside 4 projects I want to get on with and I have started the first which is a bolero type jacket for Amber, in Eskimo so not very sophisticated but as I have said many times the kids love it and my main aim is to knit something they love to wear, I also let them go through my pattern books and pick which ones they want and then through the stash to pick colours.

On other news we have all been to the opticians this week Amber has to wear glasses for close work so we have got her a lovely little pink pair they really suit her. We also all had a 24 hour bug , it went from each one of us, one at a time, it was not a fun time at all.

Jade, Amber and myself also fit in a long overdue trip to the hairdressers and have all had our hair chopped off, Amber and me have had chin length bobs and Jades is shoulder length, I am so glad it is done as we were all in real need of a sort out.

I also got a bargain wool purchase I found a very reasonably priced website and they are doing a special on sirdar's Tufty wool 99p per ball, it is being discontinued, rather than the normal £2.70 per ball, so I bought 22 balls, 11 in a cerise and 11 in lilac, the postage is also free. There website is I first bought something off them on ebay, they are definately cheaper than most other sites I have visited.

I am now going to try and getting some knitting done, after I have read a few other blogs!!


Dawn said...

So many projects!!!! I think it is great that the kids are able to pick out what they want. I'm going to take a few books home over Christmas and see if I can get some input from my niece and nephews!

Did you have any luck finding that Lucinda Guy book on Amazon? When I looked before, they seemed to not have it in stock..which I thought was weird because it is fairly new and they have plenty of copies of her first one...which is even more wonderful then this one!

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi Dawn,
I have just checked Amazon and they do have that book, I assume its the book, they dont have an image, it says they only have 4 left, they are also doing a deal with the first one when you buy two together, but I will have to wait till next month as have had a bit of a blow out on the bank account this month. It does look good though!!

Dawn said...

Oh that is wonderful! I so much liked both books. The Handknit forkids one I want to make absolutely everything!!! I love the robe in the nighttime one...but the kids don't really wear robes in the States. They don't really need them, because the houses seem to stay warmer.

I bought my tickets today for Ally Pally...are you going on Sat??? That is when I'm going. I have a felting workshop on the Sunday, so Sat it will be. I'm tempted to go on Fri also...but I think I'll wait and see if the gal that I work with at the National Needlework Archive needs some help, so I have a good excuse to go. I hope we do get to meet up!

Knitting Mummy said...

Isn't that typical the only day you can't go I am!! Sunday is the only day they have a coach going.