Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well christmas came and went. The weekend before christmas I had Harrison over night for Carly which was lovely. Typically I didn't take any pictures! Joe has done really well with his boxing and ended up in the final of the Golden Gloves competion the final ended up being on his birthday as well, sadly he didn't win but he has done so well to get that far, we are very proud. I have added a photo taken of him at the gym and also one he has put on his MSN account which he thinks is cool.

Haven't done much knitting as I got a few books for christmas and two of them are the Diagnosis Murder books, for anyone who doesn't know they are based on the tv series featuring Dick Van Dyke, which I have a unhealthy obsession with! Anyway I love these books and once I start reading them I read them from start to finish and usually in one day. I have knitted another pair of mittens though and I am just starting the hat to match for Harrison, they are in Jaeger baby soft in a lovely Dark/royal Blue, very soft. I have finished the yellow scarf for Amber, but haven't touched the blanket or dress yet, have to admit I feel a new project coming on.
I am now starting to think about the new year and any changes I want to make, there could be some big ones coming, just need to decide where I want to go with my life. As the saying goes 'Watch this space'.

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