Friday, April 21, 2006

Well just a quick post I took a couple of pictures of Darcey wearing her dress I knitted they aren't that great photos as she doesn't keep still very often.
I am still plodding along with her little jacket I am knitting, as it is WOW it is coming along real fast. I have also been thinking about doing a bit of crossstitch again, so there maybe some of that to see soon, I have also just remembered that I haven't posted any pictures of Amber's finished bolero. I will try to get some sorted out tomorrow. Amber is going to a birthday party tomorrow as a Pirate so I shall definately be taking some pictures of that. Things are going really well with her at the moment her blood glucose levels have been great at school, which has been such a relief. I am a bit worried that Jade maybe feeling a bit left out at the moment, as we have had to focus on Amber such a lot lately, and she has been having a lot of 'outbursts' lately, I think a bit of extra TLC is due there.
bye for now.

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ra said...

That's a great little dress and Darcy looks very cute in it (if you don't mind my saying so).