Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Right I have actually managed to load some photos on and I have had an attempt at putting them on here. The photo's aren't particularly good but I am still very much a novice in this department. I have taken a photo of Darcey's cardy so far and the baby blanket so far. Also took another picture of the pattern although the flash did catch it a bit. As you can see I haven't worked out how to fit the photo's around the text, I have tried every option right, left, centre and none, but still they don't go where I want them too!!

I know that my projects aren't very exciting or difficult, I have seen some creations on other blogs that take your breath away, but still I hope anyone who actually looks at my blog doesn't mind looking at my amateur little pieces.

Not much else going on round here at the moment except that Jade and Amber both started knitting yesterday and they are really enjoying it , I tried a couple of times before to get them going, Jade comes to the class I teach at school, but they both preferred the cross titch but they just asked off their own back to knit and they are doing ok. Especially Jade she is just getting on with it, Amber needs a bit more help but she is a year younger. Carly never took to it at all so I have high hopes for these two, Joe can do it if he wants too (not that he does!) so just Darcey to go.LOL.

Now I know how to get these pictures on I may take a few more, but don't hold your breath.

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Dawn said...

Hello! The pictures look good. Blooger has been such a pain lately for uploading pictures!! Glad you have tried though. It is so nice to see what others are doing. It is always interesting to see how kids take off with crafts. Usually something rubs off. I got more of mine from my Grandmother, though my mom can...I'm hoping to teach my niece and nephews one day, but I think I'll wait until they ask!