Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time for a bit of a update, I am putting a picture of Darcey's little dress I finished, a picture of 3 books I ordered from Tesco Extra which came yesterday and a photo of Darcey, just because I think she looks cute, and finally a picture of my son Joe at his boxing club Joe is on the left in the front row with black top and red shorts, hubby took these to put on his new website which is I am still useless at placing my photos which is why I have told you which photos are which they could appear in any order!!!

I would just like to add that I can't wait until Sunday and ALLY PALLY, I am so excited, my poor friend who has agreed to come with me dosen't know what she is letting herself in for.
Other news is that Carly has a scan today as they think the baby may be breech, I hope it isn't but should know by this afternoon, what the situation is.
I think I may have mentioned I ordered a pattern from Garter belt, well I couldn't find a suitable subsitute yarn over here so I have contacted the compay who supplied the designers yarn they are called Lamajama, and they will sell to the UK the only trouble is it will cost me about £60 to £70 our money and I am not sure I can justify spending that kind of money, it is just so lovely though, plus I have to get through Sunday, and I will most likely spend a bit of money there!! Oh the dilema of it all.


Dawn said...

The dress looks so lovely!!!! You did a great job. I'm so excited about Alley Palley too!!! I've been trying to save the money...but it has been difficult! Must spend...must spend....I'm taking hubby...who will keep me in check a bit I think! Worst part...they are doing works on the train service so it will take us 2 hrs to get there and home! Means an earlier start...sigh....

Knitting Mummy said...

Thanks for the kind words about the dress I was pleased with it although it is much bigger than it should be. I just realised I spelled Alley Palley wrong!!! We are lucky as we are getting a coach, so can relax a bit more about the journey.