Monday, May 25, 2009

Just a quick one, I actually have a finished item, it is the Yoda baby sweater to be found on Ravelry, I wouldn't normally have chosen this pattern but it was for a KAL in the Babylonglegs group on Ravelry. I think it actually turned out ok, I am going to give it to Carly for her baby which is due in July.

I also have a couple of pics of the kids to stop this being another wordy

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well I still don't have any finished items, which is very bad of me. I have had a few revelations lately and have decided to make some big decisions in my life. My priorities in life have really slipped lately and I have been spending far too much time on things like facebook and twitter and not enough time on my family,don't get me wrong they haven't been neglected or anything, just not my priority.
So I have decided that the only online things I am going to keep going are my blog and of course Ravelry and everything else can just go.
I have also decide to get more in touch with my christian side I have been a Born Again Christian for a couple of years now, but It is only recently with certain events that I have seen how important that decision was and I want to start getting on with my life and living it as a Christian.
I hope anybody who reads this just for the knitting, doesn't mind me rambling on in this post but I don want to make this more of a life blog than just a knitting record.

I have had a rough week as Amber ended up in hospital on a drip, we have all had tummy bugs and as sometimes happens with her diabetes if she can't eat then we have to get some glucose in her somehow. I am so looking forward to next week and hopefully some normality or as near as it gets in this

I intend to get back to my knitting I have two items over half way finished which should soon be done, I have tons of projects waiting to go also,so hopefully should have some pictures to put on very soon. I also have quite a few books to read so shall be busy.
Hope this post wasn't too borring.xx