Monday, February 02, 2009

I have two finished cardigans to show off, one for Darcey and one for Gracie, Darcey's is the one I kept saying I was going to finish, but didn't seem to actually want to. It is from a sirdar booklet called Ohh La La and is knit in sirdars snuggly baby in Daisy and Navy, Gracies is also a sirdar pattern from a booklet called Sugar Kisses and this was knit with Babylonglegs Dk.

Kids were all off today due to the snow, which was fun I can tell you!! Haven't felt so great lately been feeling a bit under the weather and also a bit fed up to tell the truth, didn't get to church on sunday as me, jade and Gracie all have colds.
Also going to miss my weigh in at weight watchers tonight as it has been cancelled due to snow, although on my own scales I have now lost a stone in weight, I have been walking to and from school lately and this has definately helped.

It is Carly's 21st birthday tomorrow so providing the snow doesn't ruin our plans we are planning to meet up at Lakeside and spend the day together. I can't believe she is going to be 21 how did that