Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well today is my birthday, and I have £150 and I am so going to spend it on wool or yarn I don't care what you call it.!!

I am actually quite stressed as far as knitting goes as Amber has to wear red to school on Friday, as it is Comic Relief day, so I decided that as she doesn't actually have anything decent to wear in red I would knit her a little bolero in red Eskimo wool, I decided this last thursday thinking a week and one day would be plenty of time, but as is typical I can't seem to knit without making mistakes I have redone one front and one sleeve already I have a sleeve and a front left, and I seem to need to be out everyday and evening, and so on a day when I should be able to do as I please and enjoy myself I have to knit like a lunatic to get the thing Oh well, it could be worse at least I HAVE to knit.

Not much else happening, I had a meeting at Ambers school to discuss the future of schools and how they are run for a big research project going on at Cambridge University, the website is it is very important and could affect how schools are run and children are taught in the future,and can you believe it I was the only parent that turned up, so it was just the Headteacher and myself discussing the future of Education.!!! I really do wonder what some parents think, do they not want any responsibility for their kids education or what!!

Well thats about it no pictures at mo, I am going to try and enjoy being 41.
God bless.


Dawn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Make sure you buy some yarn for YOURSELF! That is great. I suppose that it could be could be cleaning the house! Go knit......

BabyLongLegs said...

Hope you had a great birthday...! I hope you like Krafty Koalas yarn too...she's been dyeing stuff for me for a while now, and the quality is fantastic :) You must blog your fluffy post when it arrives!!!
I also agree at peoples lack of interest in their children's education. They spend the minimum of 10 years in the care of'd think that they'd kind of be interested? But then apathy is a sickness that affects most things these days, isn't it?
I'm adding you to my blogroll...and many thanks for your comment :)
Take Care...
Sarah xXx

mazzam said...

I was once the only one to turn up to discuss starting a mother and toddler group at my daughters infants school. This lead almost directly to my spending many years as chair of governors!!!!!