Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I saw these two pictures on other blogs and I thought they were lovely , so that is the only reason they are on here . I love paintings like these they make me feel all emotional although I don't really know why.
I am very busy knitting at the moment I have three things on the go , a funky fur pink baby blanket, which I started a while ago, for a friend of Carly's, I am spending the day with Carly friday so I would like it to have it finished by then, we shall see!, next I am knitting a jumper for Jade in Tufty I have done the back and one sleeve and lastly another pair of trousers for Darcey, I have replaced the plume this time for Wendy Cosmic, I apologise to any yarn snobs who may have passed by but they will look lovely and will last my washing
Not much else happening at the moment, Joe has a football trial with Southend United on Saturday which should be interesting. Oh and also he has got himself a paper round and so far he has been doing really well getting up at 6am every morning so far without complaining.
Hubby's internet business is doing well, we sell boxing clothes and equipment and it has really taken off, in case anyone is interested this is the web address.
Thats all for now.

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