Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Firstly I have finished 2 pairs of mittens, one hat and a jacket for Darcey, but no pics yet.
I am a bit fed up today, went to see the consultant today and it turns out the baby is in a transverse position, which basically means sidewise this apparantly is not good if it stays this way as it is hard to deliver a baby sideways.lol.
I have to go back in two weeks for more scans and checks, the thing that is worrying me is they said it can be dangerous for me to go in to labour, but I have my babies early 37 or 38 weeks as a rule, and very quickly 20 mins for Darcey, about an hour all the rest, and when I go back I will be 36 weeks. I am asssuming when I go back if it hasn't moved they may suggest a c section. Oh well, I thought that it was all going too easy.
To top it all my blood pressure had gone up as well, This is definately the last one, I am too old for all this.
I also have Joe and Darcey's birthdays in December, I actually go for the scan on Darcey's birthday, so as you can imagine things are a bit manic round here and something is telling me I probably need to rest.lol. It really is times like this that it hit homes how much you miss having your mum around just to look after you, even at my age, I really miss her right now.
Hope I haven't depressed anyone, I am sure I will cope I always do.lol.


SweetPeaknits said...

Oh sweetie I really feel for you. Its only your hormones playing with your emotions. You've been blessed with wonderful children and a husband to look after you.
Don't worry about the upcoming scan, baby might turn by then.
Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Darcey and Joe.

Knitting Mummy said...

Thanks for the kind words, I feel a bit better now, they think its breech now.lol.