Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hi, here are a couple of snow pictures from last Thursday when school was cancelled due to snow stopping the teachers getting to school, the kids weren't too upset. Don't ask me why Jade has her hat perched on the top her head like that she looks really weird.

I have finished Amber's cardigan, just need to put the buttons on and take some pics and have also started a jumper for Jade in Tufty.

I am surviving the school holidays so far, all went to dentist today for check and everybody was fine and no work needed doing for anyone. I have been buying yarn on ebay like nobody's business, I think I seriously have an addiction, maybe I should join some sort of support group.
I am also going through a stage of wanting another baby, and that is possibly more serious than the yarn problem.LOL.


Dawn said...

Just remember that you have a grandbaby now, and when it gets sick or starts screaming....you can give her back to her mother! I've stayed clear of Ebay. It scares me that I might get a bit addicted! I buy enough stuff as it is!!!! I went to a craft show in Brighton....and bought more stuff....gotta quite...if you find a support group...my hubby would love for me to go! We didn't even get that much snow. Looks like the girls had fun!

Knitting Mummy said...

Maybe we should start a online support group, I am sure there would be plenty of people ready to join. I am fighting the baby thing wanting another won't last for long.!!!