Monday, January 22, 2007

Another pretty ok weekend and week, It was Jades's 8th birthday on Friday, so I let her stay home which is really unlike me, but she had swimming that day and she really hates it and I feel it is so mean to make someone do something they really hate on their birthday. On Saturday hubby me and the kids all went to Lakeside shopping centre for Jade to spend her birthday money all £130, we also had to get Joe a new pair of School shoes which was the only reason he came out with us all. Jade had a great time and as her birthday treat meal she chose Macdonalds, of all the places she could have chosen!! Oh well, it was what she wanted. For some reason I never seem to remember my camera lately so still no pics.
Knitting is going ok I have finished the back of the jumper which matches the bottoms I have already made for Darcey, I am actually really pleased with them I know they are pretty basic but I had to make a few changes to the pattern to get them the correct size so I am pretty pleased they turned out ok.
I have just been surfing the net for free cross stitch patterns for the kids to use in my class at the school and I found some great ones on
she also has some good knitting patterns as well.
Anyway thats it for now, I see I didn't get many comments again, so I can only assume the people are coming to this blog by accident.LOL.


Dawn said...

At 8 McDonalds is the best food they have ever eaten....sad I know...but it is true! I'm glad she enjoyed it!

I have you on there...I don't accidentaly stop here....

Knitting Mummy said...

I know what you mean about the Mcdonalds. And thanks for putting me on bloglines, I know its sad but I was actually quite excited when I read that.LOL.