Friday, January 05, 2007

Well its 2007 but to tell the truth I don't feel any of that get up and go that usually comes with a new year and all the rest of it. I just can't seem to get myself motivated about anything. I am really missing my mum at the moment, I had been told by people it gets worse not better, and I think they may have been right it will be 4 years on January 14th since she died. I know there is no cure for how you feel when someone you really need and love die's but just at the moment it seems extra tough to deal with.

Anyway enough of the depressing stuff I have no pictures to show but should have soon, I am also finding it hard to choose what projects to do, but I will get myself organised soon. Hubby gave me money for christmas so I bought a knitting bag and needle roll in John Lewis at Bluewater on New Years Day, and also a couple of patterns, ( as if I didn't have enough). I have also ordered some odd balls of yarn here and there off of internet sellers, which I will show when they arrive.

Not much else to report, the kids all went back to school this week so things are begining to return to normal. I am going to be a Governor at Ambers school as well now so that should bring some interesting stuff my way. I am also only looking after my friends little boy until Feb then I want to do something!! Maybe some studying or Charity work, we shall see.

Anyway a belated Happy New Year.

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