Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Well I took some lovely pictures, or so I thought, of Darcey wearing the trouser suit but it turns out I took video's instead, and I have no idea how to load them on here, so I shall have to try again.

Had a busy time as usual last friday I met up with Carly in Grays, as it was her birthday on Saturday, she was 19, that was a nice day, had lunch and spent money on her which she loves. The baby Harrison is such an angel, none of mine have ever been that good! I took some pic's of him on my phone, but I can't work out how to load them on to the computer!! My relationship with Carly has always been a strange one, she tends to only contact me when she wants something, but I will say she is a fantastic mum and it doing a great job and coping so well with Harrison.

I have signed up for an evening class starting in April, it is called textiles, or something like that, but basically it is dressmaking for beginners. I did it at school and was quite good passed my exam and But I haven't done any since and I would love to make the girls some pretty party frocks, so I thought I would give it a go, it is for 10 weeks, and it is at my old senior school, so it will also be nostalgic. I am really looking forward to that and hopefully I will have some things to show on here.

Ambers diabetes has been up and down lately, I have upped her insulin as she has definately grown and hopefully that will calm things down again.
Not a lot happening with the other kids, just the usual household drama's.

I am in my final couple of weeks of looking after my friends little boy, so I have to go and pick him up from playschool soon. It is half term next week so should get more knitting time and not constantly have to shoot here and there.

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