Monday, September 17, 2007

Right well I have done some knitting, I have knitted a hat and mittens for a baby shower being held at church tonight, I have never been to a babyshower as it isn't really something that is done in the UK, although I believe it is starting to catch on. I knitted them in white double knit as Sue who is expecting doesn't want to know the sex of the baby.

Mind you I say I am going I hope to be, but I have been having a few probs with blurred vision and spots before the eyes, so I am waiting for a midwife to turn up and check my blood pressure. I must admit I am finding this pregnancy a lot harder no real problems as such, I just feel physically drained all the time, I know the obvious reasons, I am older, overweight and I still have the other kids to deal with. I think I may be going through the old hormone stage as well as I feel very down and miserable, certainly not depressed though, just fed up!!

On a brighter note Amber has settled well in Junior school, and they are coping well with her diabetes, also Darcey has started playschool and she loves it from day one she just went in and doesn't want to come

Yesteday was Hubby's 40th but we really didn't do anything about it,He is also very down at the moment as he is snowed under with work and also organising a boxing show so we have decided to postpone celebrating until a later date.

I am still quite busy, but have decided I may have to give up a few governor duties at the schools for the time being as I just can't seem to keep up with it all just getting to and from school wears me out.

I am knitting a little jacket and hat for the new baby at the moment, and also a jumper for Darcey, I find I keep jumping from project to project at the moment, something else to blame the hormones for.

Well thats about it, hope to have some pictures next time.


SweetPeaknits said...

Gosh you have been busy. I hope your putting your feet up now... mind you I'm hardly one to give advice to one whom is one their 6th.

Keep well and keep knitting.
Lots of love.x

Lindsay said...

Just thought I´d leave a message - bet you don´t get many messages left from Spain! Hola!