Friday, January 26, 2007

Right well no knitting photo's as yet, but a couple of others one is the snow outside our bedroom window, which is really quite sad as there isn't much at all, then a couple of pictures of Darcey, trying to be a fairy, but I am not sure she is pulling it off.

Have done a fair bit of Darcey's set, hope to finish this weekend. I have discovered I am addicted to buying knitting patterns, I am definately buying ones now that I know I will never use, oh well it is slightly cheaper than yarn!

Had a bad morning Jade has swimming lessons on a friday and she hates it so we had tears and tantrums and then Joe decided he couldn't get out of bed, I thought I was never going to get out the door, but finally we did and then when we get to Amber's school I realise I had forgotten it was wear Trainers to school day, Oh well she wasn't the only one in shoes so I didn't feel so bad.LOL.

I have just done loads of washing, as usual, so I think I might have a quick knit, I shall ignore the ironing, hoovering and dusting, as usual!

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