Saturday, May 05, 2007

I have had a really busy week, firstly last Sunday I went to a new church, took Jade and Amber along and we had a really good time, The church is literally a five minute walk from my house, the girls had been going Girls Brigade there for a while but I never chose to go to it as it seemed a bit dull and lifeless, anyway I was wrong it is great I also went to a bible class wednesday night which was also really good. They have a mother and toddler club just started up as well so things are looking very promising I think I have found my new place of worship.

On Thursday I went on a school trip with Ambers school, we went to St Pauls Cathedral in London and the London Fire brigade museum, both of which were great but the whole thing was so tireing I still feel exhausted. It is a good job Monday is a bank

I have nearly finished the little bolero for Jade.

I also have some other news,a bit shocking actually, but I feels its a bit early to say too much just yet. I am hoping to finish Jade's top over the next couple of days a get a picture on.

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Amanda1 said...

Glad you have a new church that you enjoy, that is so important!

Looking forward to your news!