Friday, December 02, 2005

Well I still haven't got a digital camera yet, so my blog is still without pictures. I thought I better do some more writing on here now I have started it. Life is pretty ok, I am childminding for a friend today so things are very hectic around here, so I really don't know why I decided to try and doing some writing today!!

I have decided to homeschool Amber my second youngest child and will be offically taking her out of school on Monday, I am both excited and terrified about the whole thing. We are doing it intially because of her diabetes and the lack of help from her school but also because I am really up for the whole thing and think it will really benefit her.

On the knitting front I am knitting Jade and Amber(children # 3 & 4) tops in Eskimo Icicle, which will both hopefully be for Christmas day. Jade has chosen lemon, because of her love for Belle, and Amber pink , because of Aurora, they are both seriously Disney Princess mad.

I have so much 'furry' wool now my hubby thinks I am planning on opening a shop, I know it is considered a bit tacky to like such wool but I can't help it I am addicted.

I am now finally starting to sort out my chrissie pressies and with 5 kids that is no picnic, plus two of them have birthdays in December as well!!

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SweetPeaknits said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

Good luck with the homeschooling.

I can't wait to see the tops your making in Eskimo.