Saturday, November 12, 2005

A First time for everything!

I have had this blog set up for ages but haven't had the nerve to start it up. I am really poor with computers and I am totally guessing what I do as I go along. I will probably take a long time to get any pictures on these posts as I have no idea how to put them on yet.
I will talk about my knitting and my family on here. I have to start by saying I learnt to knit many years ago but have only recently come back to it so I am not doing anything too ambitious at the moment, and after having read plenty of other blogs I realise I am risking offending a lot of people by saying that I do like all the 'common' yarns, in my defence I would just like to say my kids are very fond of Funky fur and so on, so who am I to argue.

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