Friday, December 09, 2005

We're All Going To The Zoo Tomorrow

Well not all of us exactly just me and Jade and Amber, Jade goes to the local Girls Brigade and they are doing a trip to the Zoo and I wasn't keen on letting her go on her own so I decided to go along and take Amber as well. So daddy is being left with baby, the older two don't need looking after. It is the baby's 1st birthday on Sunday, so I could really have done with being at home Saturday getting prepared, but the girls are so excited about going. Father Christmas is going to be there and they will do some fun activities so it should be a fun day out.

On the knitting front I have 95% finished Jade's jumper I just have to sew up the last side, then hopefully some time tomorrow or Sunday night I will be able to put up some pictures. I have the digital camera just have to work out how to get the pictures on here!!

On the homeschooling front I handed Amber's letter in Monday, it was quite difficult and I was really apprehensive about doing it, although I know deep down it is for the best, her form teacher seemed genuinely upset and probably felt a bit hurt that I felt she had failed, but in truth I have been happy with her it is just the whole school that I feel let down by ( but that is another story).

Well it is getting late so I supose I had better get everything sorted for tomorrow as I have sandwiches to make and so on.

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