Thursday, December 22, 2005

Not Long Now.

First I must apolgise that I still have no photo's on, I am waiting for hubby to get a spare minute to help me sort it out, not long now!!
I finished Jade's jumper and she has worn it a couple of times once to the baby's 1st birthday party and secondly to the Girls Brigade Christmas show at church. I am not knitting Amber one at present as when she saw Jade wearing her's she said I don't want one of them! In case you are wondering YES I did take it personally.
I have been asked by hubby's neice to knit a fluffy cardigan for her baby, so I am trying to get that finished by Boxing day as that is when we next see her. Back and one front done so far, it is only 3-6months so I should be able to do it. It is a lovely sky blue in eskimo, very pretty colour indeed.

I think we are all set for xmas now, went down town this morning to get a few last food bits and it was packed solid, I really hate it haveing to search for parking spaces and wait in line for ever to pay in the shops, it reminded me why I do most my shopping on the internet.

I have just remembered that my oldest has asked me to knit a bolero or shrug for her, I have a lovely pattern for that so I need to get some wool for that, I was suprised as she doesn't normally ask for hand made although I did do her a scarf recently. She is 18 in feb, so I may try and get it done by then, I can't see me getting it done before, but you never know. You never know I may even get some pictures on by then. LOL.

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Becky said...

Hey there - Just found your blog and wanted to give you my admiration for managing 5 children and knitting - I only have one three year old boy and sometimes feel like I have no time for knitting at all - now I know different !

Happy Blogging !