Saturday, January 07, 2006

Went to the Belhus Country Park Today

We went to the woods for a bit of a stroll and to feed the ducks, the girls are modelling my knit wear. Darcey's bolero is finished although it looks a bit big, will try it on and take some photos.

The pictures are as follows, some ducks and geese, the girls in a puddle, Amber by the lake and finally Darcey looking over dads shoulder.

I still obviously haven't managed to place my photos properly yet, they looked much better when I was putting them on but when they load on the blog they come out in different places. Oh well.LOL.

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Sharon J said...

Hiya. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I just want to wish you all the luck in the world with the home educating - you'll feel so proud when your little girl's a big girl with her GCSE results in her hand :) I think you're right about us having quite a bit in common so I'll be dropping by here regularly. ~Sharon J

PS: The cystitis seems to be a lot better today (touch wood).