Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well, our school days at home have begun, but with more a whimper than a bag, Amber is not that keen on the idea of doing any work!! Yesterday I started off all keen, we went to the libary and WHSmiths and filled our little arms up with lots of books and pens and folders and lots of lovely stuff and when I got it all home, she nagged me to look at the books with her, which we did for about 10 minutes, she then decided it was all actually borring and went back on the computer. Jade on the other hand came flying in from school, almost busting a gut to get to all the new stuff, and then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening reading, writing, designing folders and drawing pictures, she was so keen she even made me let her take everything up to their room at bed time!! If it were Jade at home my life would be a piece of cake.

On the knitting front didn't do any last night, too tired and none in the day, no time. Probably won't get much done tonight either as we have to go to a meeting of our local support group for kids with diabetes, it is the AGM and lots of people are stepping down, so I have a pretty good idea who will be coming home with another 'job' to do. They have been so supportive to us though that even though I could do without another committment I couldn't bare the thought of them having to fold.
Anyway back to the knitting, I did start knitting a cardigan for Amber which is half eskimo half dk, but I didn't like it so I ripped it and now I have started a bolero for her the same as Darcey's only in different colours.

It is Jade's 7th birthday on the 19th so I really need to think about what we are going to do for her, had a big party in a hall last year, but just keeping it light this year, we really would like to see The Narnia film, so maybe I will take them to see that.

Anyway I supose I had better try and get some work out of Amber. She is already moaning about wanting to be on the computer!!!!!!!!

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