Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here We Go

Today was Ambers first day at offically being home educated. I am finding it quite daunting, but I think a lot of that is just that I am going through a bit of a patch at the moment, ever since my mum died, 3 years the 13th of this month, I have found each New Year a bit of a downer, like I find it hard to have anything to look forward too. That actually sounded a lot more dramatic than I feel!!

My eldest didn't help because for the second year running she decided to do a disappearing act on New Years Eve, I phoned at about 8pm to speak to her and her boyfriend said they had had a row and she had gone off with no money and no phone! well it took a lot of phone calls and stress until 2.30pm New Years Day she decided to turn up informing him she had been to a Party!!!!!!! I really do worry for her, she is fine for ages and then suddenly she seems to go mad and do really silly and irresponsible things. I know people say she will grow out of it but I Worry she won't make it' the way she carries on.

On a lighter note I have almost finished Darcey's bolero and my dh's niece liked the cardy I knitted for her baby. I am reading the Diagnosis Murderer books that my son bought me for Christmas at the moment, I have finished the first and I have to say they are very good, I love Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote,and Quincy to name but a few. I also have a great book called The Praying Wife by Stormie Omartin, or something like that, I have recently been feeling a bit of a Spiritual urge come on me, and have been thinking about joining a church, I was christened C of E, but haven't ever really attended church or anything like that, I am starting by doing some reading on the subject, which is what I always do when I am interested in something, I love books!!

Well I think I have said all I want to say today, so bye until my next ramblings

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Sharon J said...

Hi. How old is Amber? My daughter was home educated after being bullied at school. She's now 17 (well, she will be next month) and is at college, doing really well. I'm so proud of her because everybody told me she's never make anything of herself if I took her out of school and so far she's done a good job of proving them wrong! Good luck, anyway. Always believe in yourself and your decisions about your children and their futures. ~Sharon