Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well I managed to survive the holiday. Nobody seemed to be a knitter so the Ravelry bag went
I did hardly any knitting just the one face cloth which I will post but it didn't really go as well as it could as it probably would have looked better in a solid colour. Darcey likes it though so that is good.

I am also adding a photo of the next thing I am knitting I love this cardigan and have really looked forward to starting it.

I am knitting it in stylecraft Kon-Tiki which 50% cotton 50 acrylic and really lovely to work with so soft, I am using a turquoise and cream.


**Fran** said...

OMG...what a wonderful babygirl...she looks like a lil pretty :)

sue said...

Oh that pattern looks gorgeous. I havent seen that one around. I just bought the Wendy Toddler Knits book which has some really nice patterns in it, and they go up to a size 6 years which will fit my daughter. Are you using similar colors for your cardigan as the pattern.

Knitting Mummy said...

Hi Sue
No the colours I am using are blue/green and cream. I am almost done just one sleeve left.