Friday, August 28, 2009

Well this time my internet went down for 3 weeks and we have had to change company and have now gone for cable with Virgin Media so I am finally back on line.
I still have no pictures of Tegan yet but I do have a picture of a little angel dress I made her ages ago, which I put on Ravelry but never seemed to get around to putting on here.
I have at least 4 things on the needles at the mo, but just can't seem to get anything finished, mind you it is the school holidays so things are up in the air. I have also had Carly and her 3 to stay a couple of times which believe me takes a few days to recover from when she goes home, We had 3 adults and 8 kids in a 4 bed house, very
I feel I should have loads more to say as it has been so long since I have been on but the trouble is so much has happened it has all blurred, I know I have had Amber ill again, although this time no hospital visit. We have been doing a lot of shopping as without the internet I had to physically go out and buy stuff, that was no fun at all with 4 or 5 kids with me each time!!!!
Oh well, 3 are back to school next week then Darcey starts the week after which will leave only Gracie at home. Joe is in his last year which doesn't seem possible.
I shall now go and rescue the tv from Gracie who appears to be trying to push it off its stand, I hope to keep posting on here a bit more often now things are almost back to normal.xx

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sue said...

What a gorgeous little cardigan, very pretty.