Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Well as ever I haven't been keeping up to date on here. I have two finished items to show, one is a waistcoat for Amber, which she never seems to take off, and the other is a hat for Jade.
I have really been finding it hard to settle with one project lately, as my Ravelry projects will show I have a real problem finishing anything these days. It hasn't stopped me buying more yarn though my latest phase is for lace weight yarn, as I have this idea that I am going to knit shawls or scarfs as teacher's presents this year for christmas, obviously as I am buying this yarn I am fully aware that the chances of me finishing even one of these items by christmas is very slim, but they are so pretty.lol
This is a funny week as Jade has gone away for a week with her school and it feels strange without her :-( I look forward to her coming back in one piece. That being said I hope she has a great time and it will be a great experience for her as she has never been away from home before.
Gracie is still not sleeping much so I am tired pretty much most of the time. Darcey loves school but I do once again have a demanding school run trying to make it from one school to another in time. Joe is another story all together he has gone totally off the rails, although saying that I am hopeing that we have turned a corner as we have cracked down hard on him and he is improving, time will tell, don't you just love teenagers!!! Amber is doing ok, her blood sugars have been pretty stable, she has to go for flu jab this week, so not looking forward to that. Finally Carly is doing great as are the grandkids, plus her other half has a new job and things are looking good for them at present.

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Fran said...

That's two more than me. Haven't had much time to knit, blog, or read. Work is dragging me down. Beautiful family pictures!