Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I actually finished this a little while ago, but haven't got round to posting it on here, I put it in my projects page on Ravelry though.

Not much happening around here, Hubby and Joe still boxing all the time, kids are going to and from school as usual although Darcey is off playschool today as she has a cold and a nasty cough. I am so tired all the time lately, Gracie wakes up about 5am everyday and I am not going to bed much before 1am so I know the reason,lol. I need to get an early night or two, just hate wasteing my ME time if you know what I mean.lol.

I am off on a school trip tomorrow with Amber's class, I am not really looking forward to it, but maybe I can get a nap on the coach.!!

I have amazingly done 90% of my christmas shopping and also my December birthday shopping, I have 3 kids birthdays in December. It was Harrison, my oldest daughters little boys birthday last saturday so he is 2 now, I can't believe I have a two year old grandson, surely I am too young (not).

This is what I am knitting at the moment I am doing it for Darcey and in yellow and navy, as I had those in my stash already, this is from a new pattern book by Sirdar called 'Ooh la la'. There are some really sweet pattern in this book and I expect I will do some more.


Fran said...

I love the ensemble! I can't wait to see it done.

Lupie said...

When you think Gracie can't get any cuter you post new pictures and she does!!!
Can't wait to see the sweater hat set.

sue said...

What a gorgeous little pattern book. It looks so chic doesnt it. I cant wait to see your color combo. Happy Birthdays to all your family too.