Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well things are settling back down to normal here, or as normal as it does get!
Carly is getting used to having two babies to care for,needless to say I have had many phone calls.
I have been buying lots of yarn and books and patterns lately, but I can't seem to get round to photographing any of them, I had thought I may do some this weekend as it is a bank holdiay weekend, but I was at a child protection course at church this morning, Les's niece is coming round tomorrow with her boyfriend to visit, and then Les's sister and her husband are coming over monday, so I doubt it will happen.

I have started knitting a lovely cardigan for Darcey, this is the 4th thing I have started in as many weeks, all the others have been frogged, just didn't like the yarn or the pattern, I have been very indecisive lately, maybe its my age. The cardigan is a sirdar pattern I am knitting the short sleeved version, I intend to to do one for Jade and Amber as well they don't do it in Gracie's size. I am knitting it in some lovely double knit 50% Alpaca 50% Merino which I bought from Babylonglegs etsy shop in the colourway Gothika. It is knitting up lovely and the yarn is very soft.

I think part of the not being able to decide what to knit next is the fact that I have so many things in the knitting queue that I can't seem to get around to doing any of them I don't know if anyone understands that or if it makes sense at
I will probably start something for Gracie next as I have seen a nice cardigan just need to choose which yarn, I also have the yarn to knit the girls the little dress/top in the latest edition of Simply knitting magazine.

I shall end by adding a photo of Gracie and my friends little baby Hallie, who is 10 weeks younger than Gracie, the photo is a bit blurred but still sweet.


BabyLongLegs said...

I can't wait to see what you make with the Gothika :)
I don't plan projects, I tend to just buy wool and stash it...then get it out a few months later when I've found a pattern I like!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend...

Sarah xXx

Dawn said...

Everything sounds great. Don't worry about indecison. You must really enjoy what you are making at the moment. I'm stuck on sleeves for the sweater I've been making, but since it is so warm out right now...I better get it done!!!!