Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have finished a hat for Darcey now the same as Gracie's, pictures to come, talking of pictures I arrived at playschool this morning to discover that It was photo day,!! of course Darcey looks like a scruff bag who needs a hair cut, and I am the stupid mummy who forgot it was photo day Also I had originally intended to have Gracie done as well ,but couldn't stop as I had to get Amber to a doctors appointment straight after. The doctor proceeded to tell me off for using cotton wool buds for cleaning Ambers ears, apparently ears are self cleaning (who knew!). I asked what ear buds were for then but she didn't say.

I then took Amber back to school, which means I have wasted the only time I get a little bit of knitting time during the day, i.e when Darcey is at playschool. Then to top it all off it has decided to rain today and my dad who usually picks Darcey up for me, is not coming round till late so I have to drag Gracie back out in the rain.

I have just read this back and I sound a real whinger, I am not really

I have to get some more knitting done, I seem to think about it more than do it these day, if that makes sense, I am ever looking at it in books or on the net when really I should be physically knitting something, maybe I will go and do that now aye!

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picperfic said...

oh dear...I remember all that so well! I always forgot school photo day and my children looked like ragamuffins in most of their photos. Cotton buds are for putting on your make-up or letting loose in a draw and then throwing away a few years later!

Happy knitting!

Can't wait to see the other hat...